Video Production in NYC

We provide a variety of video services to our NYC clients. Contact us today to discuss how we can jump start your video project:

As a full service video production company in NYC, 2Bridges provides a variety of services to our clients:

Along with video production, we offer pre production and post production services to all our clients.

We create engaging content for organizations, like local startups, small business, medium enterprises, large conglomerates and non-profit organizations.

We also work with artists and social media influencers.

Regardless of scope or budget, we have video production solutions for everyone.

Here are video types we produce for our clients:

Our ability to execute is only limited by your ability to imagine.

Where is our production house located in NYC?

Directions to 2Bridges:

From Conneticut – Take I-84, I-684 to Hutchinson River Pkway S, I-278 W and then FDR DR to Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place in Manhattan, New York. Take Exit 2 on FDR DR. Follow Madison to Monroe St.

From New Jersey: Get on NJ-133. Go NOrth until you merge with I-95 and I-78 to Holland Tunnel. Enter Manhattan. Take Varick St, Franklin St, Worth St, Catherine St and finally Monroe St.

From Long Island: Get on Northern State Pkway. Merge with I-495. Stay on it until you hit Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place in Manhattan. Get on FDR Drive. Exit 2. Take Madison St to Monroe St.

Public Transportation: Take any bus to the Porth Authority Bus Terminal. Take A/C/E to West 4 St. Transfer to F train Get off East Broadway.

From Grand Central: take the 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge. Walk 14 minutes to 25 Monroe st., NY, New York 10002.

Why Use Video in 2019 and Beyond?

Here are quick stats from our article on how to leverage video production for your business:

  • A Cisco study estimates “Video traffic will consist of 82% of total consumer traffic by the year 2020… Worldwide IP video traffic will grow more than 3X from 2015 to 2020, a compounded annual growth rate OF 26%!”
  • According to Nielsen, “36 percent trust online advertisements” and this figure represents an increase of 27 percent since 2007.
  • With a billion users, people around the world watch billions of hours of video on Youtube, making it a cash cow for Alphabet for decades to come.
  • Statistics (Social Media Today) on Facebook show 8 billion views per day and have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts
  • According to research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Generate Leads with Video

Marketing content is a way to showcase your product or service to the world. In today’s world where people are bombarded by social media ads and streaming videos, it’s important to have a compelling (and succinct) video to grab their attention.

With the right video, you generate leads by showing how your product solves their problems.

You can offer free trials or a guidebook in exchange for their contact info.

Video is a great way to generate top of the funnel sales leads, and as a video production company, we will work with you to produce high quality, cinematic business videos.

Educational Content

If people are watching your top of the funnel videos but not converting, then it’s time to shift to phase two of your video marketing strategy.

Target interested prospects with educational content. In other words, use re-targeting videos. We will help you craft educational videos, like “how-to” videos as part of your Facebook or YouTube re-targeting strategy.

They say it takes at least eight contacts before a client converts to a sale.

Keep putting your brand in front of interested prospects by using educational videos.

We can help you plan and produce these educational videos so you can keep your product and service in front of your prospects.

Build General Awareness

Another way to use videos in your marketing is to use them for building general awareness.

These videos can be a traditional commercial with the intent of showing them on TV. Or these can be short fifteen to thirty second clips to be used in a social media campaign.

Videos have the highest engagement. Even a 15-30 second ad on Facebook will do better than a one thousand word blog post.


So what are you waiting for?

Every research points to video becoming the king of media in all social media platforms. It has the highest engagement rates. Moreover, videos on social media is still cheaper than most traditional forms of advertising, such as television ads.

Contact us today, and we’ll use our ability as a video production company in NYC to produce compelling videos for you. Protection Status