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Videos are a popular tool in today’s arsenal of video marketing and it is with good reason that that is the case. 

Promo videos coupled with an explainer video, social media exposure and a product demo video are key components to a brand awareness campaign.

Promo videos holds lots of potential for businesses which is what we’ll be delving into momentarily as we substantiate the importance of promotional videos to your cause:

Audience engagement doesn’t get any easier

Everywhere you go across social fields and virtual platforms from Facebook to Pinterest and even SERPs, videos are usually the predominant theme. You’ll be hard placed to find anywhere it isn’t. The reason for this popularity, which is growing by the day, boils down to the convenience and effortless nature of the medium which appeals to the modern generation who are not too keen on going through heaps of texts.

Promo videos are more compelling and effective and are at the heart of the most successful business hierarchies which is why they should be at the core of yours.

Searchability is improved

Traditional methods of marketing have been rendered obsolete with the onset of the digital age that has compounded the importance of a strong online presence. You may have come across the term SEO a couple of times and it’s basically tweaking content with a bid to improve website ranking, i.e. your indexing on search results.

Search engine watchdogs have taken a liking to video content and promo videos are sure to catapult you a couple of slots up the priority ladder.

Vital connections

A single image can say a lot more than thousands of words of text can enabling you to clearly communicate your message without boring viewers to death. Aside from that, a well-crafted promo video allows you to build a personal connection with your audience which lays the foundation for a good rapport.

Your sales numbers will improve with promotional videos

Fun fact, if you throw in a video on your home page, conversion rates can improve by an astonishing 80% according to studies. What’s more, further statistics reveal that from 100 search results listings, 70% of the total is video. These figures indicate that promo videos are definitely a marketing force to reckon with and one that you should have on your side. 

Promo videos play a vital role in the present-era business model, that’s an undisputed fact. Consequently, creating quality and potent promos is not a matter of convenience but one of necessity. To ensure you nail it spot, leave the task up to a professional video company as they guarantee the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness: Going it alone might seem like a nice way to get around the expenses of outsourcing promo videos but the truth of the matter is that the former alternative proves more expensive. If you factor in the cost of getting equipment and other related expenditure and weigh that against what you’d have paid for the services of a professional company in the first place, you’ll realize the difference is staggering. Moreover, handling production in-house requires diverting essential resources towards getting the job done which means that production levels are decreased and so too are your profit margins. When outsourced, time and staff can be concentrated on meeting your primary objectives. 
  • Assured Quality: You might get away with a couple of nice clips but a trial and error approach is a sure-fire recipe for disaster sooner or later. There are many things to consider when it comes to getting the perfect promo, a concept such companies know all too well but something you know little of. Experience is the best teacher, undoubtedly, and professional videographers have tons of it so they know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Fast Results: A lot goes into creating a good promo video the bulk of which involves using complex video editing software among other technological prerequisites that you don’t work with on a day-to-day basis. Learning the necessary skills could take weeks, months even, and time is a precious commodity you should be allocating elsewhere important. The end result with a professional is quick and efficient delivery without compromising on quality.

DIY promo production comes with a lot of hiccups and leaving the project in the hands of a capable professional company will give you peace of mind as everything in it’s entirely is handled without needing your intervention. If you were wondering whether it’s worth it to hire a video production company, the answer is a resounding yes in light of the aforementioned advantages.

This is just one type of video we create for corporate clients. Here’s the comprehensive list:

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