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Business award shows are not only the privy of huge domineering companies, contrary to popular misconception, as they avail a host of benefits for businesses of all types and sizes.

Whether at an in-house level or on the market stage, award shows are of understated importance but we shall look to change that by delving into what they have to offer your business.

How our videography services can help with your awards show project

Improved brand visibility

Making the shortlist of an award comes with a wave of attention that puts your company at the center of the limelight for all the right reasons.

Social media, national and local publicity are sure to follow hot on the heels of reputable business awards which ensure weeks of constant talk around your service/product in the period leading up to the ceremony. Winning such awards can catapult you into new markets and will undoubtedly open the door for opportunities.

Increased credibility

In-house awards are great but those on an industry-level are better because of the third-party implications they have. Nomination and shortlisting alone by an entity outside your business offers much in the way of external endorsement that builds up your credibility.

This will also come in handy with regards to winning over investors and new clients.

Motivation for employees

Awards are a tribute and recognition of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every part of the whole is firing on all cylinders. The power of motivated employees is immense and the thought of knowing their efforts are paying off will certainly better staff morale.

What’s more, a recognized track record can also attract new talents who’ll be keen to work in an award-winning entity. 

Great for networking

A place where the biggest and most successful names in the industry converge, award ceremonies are excellent for networking purposes. They provide a meeting point for like-minded owners from whom other companies can not only learn but also forge new relationships which might lead to future partnerships.


By using other competitors as a benchmark, you can find out what the prevailing niche trend is and try to break away from that so that you stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to do a lot of groundwork to find the relevant award in line with your core values where a particular accomplishment sets you apart from the rest.

This could be things such as societal contribution, environment conservation or educational impact just to name a few.

Why you need professional video coverage at Award Shows

If ever there is a time you need professional videography the most, then award shows would definitely be that time. There’s simply no two ways about and here’s a look at why that is so:

  • An edge over the competition:In-house awards are platforms on which to flaunt your financial and technological might which you certainly won’t achieve with makeshift cameras and tripods. You’ll need to enlist the services of a professional video production company to ensure you only bring your best game thereby leaving little room for public scorn because of below par quality. 
  • Experience: There is just a certain kind of knowledge lacking in articles alone and only gained through first-hand experience working with sophisticated equipment and for numerous clients. Something the pros have done countless times before which means they can straightaway tell if your idea is headed for stardom or obscurity and adapt that concept accordingly. The experts are also up to date with how to incorporate various elements such as sound, editing, and lighting and, perhaps more importantly, how to steer clear of common errors.
  • Equipment and time: Even the most HD of smartphones is no match for a quality professional camera which makes the case for recruiting a professional video production company which has such tools are its disposal. Something else that you might also not have a lot of is time and you’ll waste a lot of it trying to master all the attributes that go into making a well-developed video than if you left the job to more capable hands. The aforementioned factors all lead us to the last advantage which is cost-effectiveness. While you might not realize it at first, time is money and so too are the equipment needed to see video productions over the line. The final expenditure is significantly lower with a professional compared to going it alone.

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