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Presenting your new product to the world can be a nerve-wracking- and exciting- experience. You’ve worked really hard round the clock to get to where you are and you aren’t quite sure how everything will go and how best to do the unveiling. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

The best way to inform the public of your new service or product is through a combination of a product launch video and an explainer video.

If you use video for your product launch, everything is bound to go on really well and here’s why:

A compelling product launch video builds expectation

Akin to how trailers entice audiences into anticipating a movie, you can use video to also build expectation toward an impending launch. There is no better way to drum up business and guarantee success than getting people talking and excited about a concept that’s yet to hit the shelves.

You can drop a chain of mini ads in the weeks leading up to the unveiling with each ad showcasing a different aspect of the story that keeps viewers wanting and coming back for more. Once you are through with the product launches, you can merge all preceding mini videos together to form the complete story which you can post to social media platforms such as YouTube to continue the campaign thereon.

Alternatively, you can also implore suspense or expectation via a “behind the scenes” or “making of” kind of video. These would not talk about the product in great detail rather would focus on the groundwork and the thought process that went into the inception. 

Video launches are great for social media marketing

142 minutes; that’s the average time a person spends on social media on a daily basis which goes to show the opportunities available for marketing on the social realm. What’s more, video content achieves better results across platforms with research showing that video tweets, for instance, are shared about six times more than photo tweets and a lot more than textual tweets.

On Facebook, branded video content has gone up by 258% while on YouTube it’s increased two-fold.

The numbers pretty much speak for themselves here. Launching a product via video on social media is not only a great way to generate buzz but also more effective than the marketing techniques of yesteryears. 

Video form has long term benefits

Modern-day marketing is always on the move, always changing, but one thing that looks like it’ll be around for a really, really long time is video marketing which is only getting better by the day. A well-produced video shutters the boundaries of time both in terms of longevity and how likely people are to remember such content as opposed to text.

The other upside to video product launches is that they have a great return on investment. You only invest once and the content will work for you for weeks and months on end without you needing to reach into your pockets every now and again as is the case with past-century marketing strategies.

If you’re looking to make a statement, video launches are more than necessary.

But how do you come up with one that bodes well with the masses?

The answer is as simple as a professional video production company, which avails the following benefits:

Extensive expertise in video marketing strategies

21st-century marketing is a minefield of shifting video marketing trends and knowing where, when and how to proceed can make or break video launches. A professional videographer is well-versed in those aspects and often have a solid plan to ensure success through offline and social media channels. 

High quality and originality

Having worked with hundreds of clients and on hundreds of projects, the pros know what works for what kind of business and what strategy fits what client best. Originality is, therefore, something you need not worry about as is the quality of production which is also assured.

Professional equipment and skillset

A consumer doesn’t need to be very tech savvy to tell the difference between a professional production and an amateurish one and you can get the former with a professional production company. Armed with up-to-date equipment including the latest editing software versions, sound equipment, proper lighting tools, and top-notch cameras among other items needed, the production will be of the highest value. Moreover, a professional team knows how best to get the most out of their gears.

Video production is deceptively easy but the truth of the matter is that it requires all of the aforementioned attributes which you are only going to find with a professional videographer.

This is just one type of video we create for corporate clients. Here’s the comprehensive list:

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