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Why does your business need a sizzle reel? Before we answer that let’s first start off with what it is first. A sizzle reel is basically a short promotion-esque video, typically 3 but no more than 5 minutes long, that blends audio and visual appeal showcasing an overview of an initiative, service, brand and/or product.

Sizzle reel videos coupled with a branding video, social media videos and a product demo video are key components to a brand awareness campaign.

Here’s what your business stands to benefit from having a sizzle reel video.

Advantages of a sizzle reel

It feels personal

Facial expressions and body language are often forms of communication not captured in other forms of media and a sizzle reel provides the perfect opportunity to use these traits to your advantage. This mix of audio and visual appeal is the next best thing to a face-to-face sit down and fosters loyalty and trust.

Moreover, they are an excellent way to humanize your brand so that your sales pitch seems like it’s coming from a friend rather than from a bothersome stranger.

It’s more memorable

Selling your business via a visually compelling cocktail of humorous stories, witty animations, and lovable characters beat any verbal explanation you might have hands down. No matter how good your presentation game is you just can’t measure up to the lure of a video promo that’s bound to linger in the thoughts of your audience for days on end. Unlike speech which tends to be forgotten as soon as it is heard.

A sizzle reel keeps traffic

The longer visitors stay on your website, the more likely they are to sample various products/offers and the more the return on investment. Articles do a commendable job of reeling them in but to get them to stay long enough to bump into deals, a sizzle reel proves a suitable choice as many have a preference of seeing rather than reading content.

Greater visibility and brand awareness

Directly proportional to the amount of time people spend on your website, Google visibility is another reward for a well-put video.

With a better search engine placing also comes the added benefit of heightened brand awareness which is also in part due to the fact that netizens love sharing videos compared to any other format of information.

How 2Bridges perfected the art of the sizzle reel

To produce good sizzle reels, remember the following:

Music is not important, it is vital

Have you ever watched a movie without background music? You’ll be hard placed to find any which goes to show its power in production. Music stirs emotions, sets the tone and complements visual content so include some. Avoid profanity-riddled songs or over-the-top genres that’ll take attention away from a good cut. 

Top notch content is of the essence

High definition is the only way to go and quality pictures can only be obtained from equipment of a similar caliber. It’s a case of garbage in garbage out and if you aim to paint your brand in the best possible light, you need to loosen the purse strings. Still on the matter of image quality, keep texts to a minimum.

When you do implore text, engrave them in punchy title cards, factoid slides or brief catchphrases. 

Know your audience

Don’t make a clip for yourself, rather think of those you intend to get to. Be guided by the type of audience you’re gunning for be it advertising executives or general consumers and appeal to whatever tickles their fancy. Do they have a penchant for stats & figures?

Are they attracted by fast-paced music or do they prefer the smooth approach of orchestrations? These are the kinds of questions that should forge your path to creating audience-specific content.

A book is judged by its cover

And for sizzle reels, that phrase is meant quite literally. Sure YouTube has gotten around the need for packing digital content but delivering your sizzle reel as a DVD in a well-crafted professional label can win you a couple of fans long before they delve inside.

Short and sweet is the way to go

We try to keep your sizzle reel under three minutes because people these days start wondering off past that time lapse. Also, keep in mind the reel isn’t an in-depth dissection of your brand or a mini-documentary so you don’t need to go over everything.

Highlight your most important aspects giving a snippet of your product/service. Remember, less is more and vice versa.

This is just one type of video we create for corporate clients. Here’s the comprehensive list:

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