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Customers buy stuff from companies they trust and products they understand. CEO profile videos can help build the trust and promotions can entice them to look at your product.

But the best way to educate them on the benefits of your product is through a well-executed explainer video.

Part of the reason why video is experiencing astronomical growth is its importance to Google algorithms which factor in time spent by visitors on webpages when determining search engine results placement.

The popularity of explainer videos have exploded due to this retention ability and also because of the following aspects: 

Explainer videos provide excellent clarity

Have you ever tried to explain to somebody just how a particular movie scene was so epic but you just can’t quite pull off satisfactorily and finish with something like “You should’ve been there to know what I’m talking about”? Well, explainer videos get around this problem best explaining your product or service in a precise manner that everyone’s bound to understand.

Informative videos lead to better conversion

A recent study by Video Rascal shows that about eight in every ten people who come across a product accompanied by an explainer video are likely to purchase whatever is on offer. That figure reduces drastically in the absence of a how-to’ visual guide and if your sales have not been hitting the mark, it’s highly likely it all boils down to this.

Explainers are the most effective word-of-worth strategy

Word-of-mouthing advertising remains a critical pillar of business success, one that has been there since the dawn of time. Explainer videos better the technique considerably keeping in mind that the fact that the average person remembers up half of what they see and only a tenth of what they hear. If your client base likes your videos, they’ll be kind enough to pass it on within their social circles.

The video format injects life into your pitch

Written content doesn’t bring out emotion as emphatically as videos do. An explainer video rife with enthralling aesthetics and driven by a solid script will appeal to your audience from the get-go in a way that a paper pitch just can’t. 

Explainer films are so simple you could do them alone, right? Wrong. They require an intricate approach and a consideration of various aspects that come into play when making effective videos for business.

Professional videographers know what those are among other important information which makes up some of the reasons to outsource such tasks.

Other reasons also include:

Uninterrupted workflow

It’s often the norm with small or growing enterprises that video production jobs are passed off to workers but this means employees will spend less time actually doing their jobs and more time working on something they might be unfamiliar with. Hiring a skilled company ensures such workday interruptions are no more and that no one has to work overtime to meet strenuous deadlines.

Quality end product

With years and years stay of storytelling under their belts not to mention similarly large experience with up-to-the-minute equipment and video editing technology, world-class quality is pretty much assured with a professional videographer.

Whilst still keeping in mind what you need, they can spruce up dull scripts and are on top of emerging trends that are sure to fire your videos into conversations across online circles and beyond.

State-of-the-art equipment and professional ability

So you have a nice HD camera and a high-end computer but that’s not all it takes to produce competitive footage that is not only professional but also turns heads at the same time. You need tripods, real cameras (I’m talking block-buster flicks kind of gear), pro audio accessories and lights. So unless you have any of those lying around, a professional company is your go-to for unrivaled quality that competes with industry pacesetters.

Aside from having the right kind of equipment these companies also know how best to use them.

Better management

Many parts make up the whole as far as videography is concerned and it takes a certain level of coordination to bring everything together in seamless fashion. A good video production company is great at this part of their job and will bring an idea from fantasy to reality without hassle. The same cannot be said for a makeshift in-house team.

Shooting’s simple and you might even pull it off without help. Video editing, on the other hand, is not as straightforward which further emphasizes why you should be opting for a professional instead of taking the DIY route. At the end of the day, outsourcing is easy, convenient and effective.

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