Why Your Business Needs Pitch Videos

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A pitch is basically a pitch but in video format. In other words, it entails convincing those on the other side of the screen to accept a concept, service or product via the use of audio and visual appeal. 

Pitch videos coupled with a promo video, social media exposure, an explainer video and a product demo video are key components to landing seed money for your startup or small business.

Here’s how and why these videos can give your company the edge in a market where competition is extremely unforgiving:

Videos trump text

Getting the right kind of tone in your writing can be challenging but it’s extremely easy via video which best captures your voice both literally and figuratively. That happy-go-lucky personality or wicked- but lovable- sensor of humor that often gets lost in words comes to the surface for all to see.

Your individuality pierces through like a ray of light through clouds and this actually a good thing for video marketing.

A pitch video makes you unique

DIY photographers are as many as the stars in the sky but the same can’t be said for those ready to invest the resources necessary for a pitch of professional quality. If you’re worried about drowning in a sea where everyone’s screaming for attention, a quality pitch video is the boat that’ll keep you afloat.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition extends well beyond creating a fancy emblem or a catchy phrase that resonates with the masses and also entails putting a face behind the product/service.

A pitch video can help you do just that consequently infusing your brand with a lovable personality that prospective clients can come to know and love over time.

Instant connection

So you are a hit at reeling in clients via sit downs and no one is better at sales than you. That’s great! It really else. But the days of physical interaction are behind us and it’s an age where clients are getting what they need online more often than not.

So you might not get the chance to do what you are good at face-to-face hence why pitch videos prove a nice option as they are viewed by haphazard audiences bouncing from one website to another and rarely seeking consultations first.

Why hiring a professional video company is your best bet at killer pitch videos

Creating a pitch video might seem like a really easy thing to do but, in reality, the devil is in the detail which is why you should consider getting a professional. These companies have done this kind of thing countless times before and know what it takes to make a hit.

That said here are some other upsides to seeking professional help:

  • Better visibility: The online market place is flooded, to say the least, which means your primary objective is to stand out from the crowd. You might have an excellent service or product that is possibly the next best thing since sliced bread but it’s all for nothing if you can’t fan attention your way. And that’s exactly where such companies come in. They are adept at SEO effective techniques and know just what it takes to channel traffic in your direction. What’s more, they are also familiar with the kind of visuals that tickle the fancy of viewers which improvised productions will be sorely lacking in.
  • Best return on investment: Let’s face it, with the advancement of technology anyone with a mobile device or computer can make a pitch video. But not everyone can make a top-notch video. DIY videos tend to come off a little lacking in quality with research showing that the amount of traffic received is directly proportional to the caliber of your shoots. Gimmicky, amateur clips will cause more harm than good as clients often perceive them to be a like-for-like indication of the type of service/product to expect.
  • Builds trust: Words are great but they only go so far in cultivating loyalty as compared to visual explanations and exemplary video content. Professional video marketers can assure you of the latter and also of adding a human voice to your brand so as to create personal and compelling stories which form the recipe for building a loyal fan base.

Video marketing is a must-have strategy in the modern-day market place and a professional video company is certainly best placed to help you out with pitch videos. From technical prowess to superiority in video equipment, they are simply better than DIYs in every way.

This is just one type of video we create for corporate clients. Here’s the comprehensive list:

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