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In the present age of a millennial generation hooked to the pleasures of social networking and an outgoing one determined to keep up, social media marketing is an effective strategy that is growing ever stronger by the day. 

And the best way to reach them?

Create a compelling video for Youtube, Instagram or Facebook

Social media videos coupled with a branding video, sizzle reel and a product demo video are key components to a brand awareness campaign.

Here’s what your business stands to benefit from having social media videos.

Videos form a crucial pillar of that success and they form the subject of the impending discussion as we take a look at how they better your social media presence as a business:

Videos are easily measurable

There are various free and cheap tools to use pertaining to video analytics which can help you know what kind of videos resonate best with your audience. You can know which ones to ditch or put up more of and even what kind of social media activities are best received by your target market.

Written content is bowing to the power of video

Been to Facebook recently? Then you’ll agree that the number of written articles have greatly dwindled as video content has begun stamping its authority as the preferred form of engagement. They are more shared than wordy texts with Twitter, for example, indicating video share numbers at 700 per minute. So there’s a lot more exposure in video than text.

Social media videos are cost-effective and long-term

If produced well enough, you’ll have a video you can turn to time and time again. With evergreen content- which doesn’t necessarily need to be the case all the time- you can reuse clips without worrying about expiry as is the case with ads that require regular monetary updates.

Conversely, videos remain in search engine results longer and will stay that way until the unlikely event an executive order says otherwise.

Excellent lead generation

Call-to-actions yield more results if affirmed with a video as opposed to text with purchase intent shown to increase greatly with video content. They are more enjoyable and convenient which is why social media users have developed a preference for them. 

Better customer satisfaction

Aside from potent marketing via videos, social media is appealing especially to customers due to its two-way street approach. It creates a voice for your company as well as customers on the other end who can make their opinions known in the comment sections and feel a part of an interactive experience.

How 2Bridges create compelling social media videos

Winning a large social media following can prove a challenging minefield to outwit, but take to heart the following pointers and you’ll know just which buttons to push:

Prioritize native content

YouTube links are great and often most businesses post links to videos leading back to their own websites as opposed to posting video uploads directly on a social media platform.

The latter should be the way to go because studies show that your video is likely to perform ten times better than if it involves some form of redirection first. To put the figures into perspective, from close to 6 million posts across 170,000 sample profiles, Quintly found that Facebook native videos have 110% more interaction and 478% more shares.

More value, less fluff

Short, useful videos get more engagement than long ones simply because social media users demand instant gratification and are in a hurry to see what else is happening in a sea of endless content. Anything past two minutes is widely considered a no-no and gets less attention and has less organic reach.

Going by the findings of Hubspot, the ideal timeframes for various channels include 45 and 26 seconds for Twitter and Instagram respectively and preferably 1 and 2 minutes for Facebook and YouTube.

The devil is the opening 10 seconds

At the turn of the millennium, 12 seconds was the average concentration span of a person. Fast forward almost two decades down the line and that number has plummeted to 8- according to a Microsoft consumer survey- which says a lot considering a gold has 9.

So give your audience something to look forward to the end. Employ suspense, unanswered questions and things of the sort to take their mind hostage till the very end or else they won’t staying for too long.

Last but by no means least, implore storytelling. The human mind has grown cold to hard sells with TV ads or cold calls severely frowned upon and unlikely to pay huge dividends.

To avoid putting off your audience, disguise your product with a captivating plot served with toppings of emotion with the actual pitch coming as dessert at the very tail end.

This is just one type of video we create for corporate clients. Here’s the comprehensive list:

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