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What is Real Estate Videography?

If you are looking to put a property on the market, you typically hire professionals to conduct video showcases of the home or establishment and its surrounding. That’s basically what real estate videography is. In other words, it encompasses the use of films to visually present your property through the lens of a state-of-the-art camera.

You may use thousands of words to describe the interior and exterior, but nothing quite captures the tone, colors, and vibrancy of nearby vegetation better than motion pictures. It’s the perfect example of how an image is truly worth a thousand words. That said, here’s what else you might need to know about the art of real estate videography:

Types of real estate videos

While there’s no general rule of thumb when it comes to categories, you can typically expect the following varieties:

1)    Property listing videos

Property listing videos make up the preliminaries and entail using text, video clips, and images to introduce the property to your networks. These platforms cover anything from social media accounts to authoritative websites and anything in between.

2)   Neighborhood videos

This aspect of real estate videography is especially crucial if the property in question is a residential house. Your video presentation typically goes beyond the home itself and details what the necklacing neighbor is like for prospective buyers.

3)   School video review

What does a school have to do with selling a property? Well, the answer is a lot if you’re talking about families looking for a home. A video review breaking down good schools in the area can further the appeal of the property from a family’s point of view.

4)    “About me” agent video

Real estate videography is not only about real estate; it’s also about the personality and voice behind the sale. An “About me” video puts a face to the affair, making people more likely to trust the agent. This section entails achievements and accolades by the professional representing you.

5)   Client testimonial video

On the matter of trust, third-party testimonials can endear you even more to the market. Positive feedback and an accomplished track record can assure on-the-fence buyers that they are in good hands.

That is only but a tip of the iceberg as there are many other kinds of real estate videos. Usually, the company you hire incorporates various bits highlighted above to churn out the most appealing videos.

The advantages of professional real estate videography:

1)    Professional equipment and vast experience

Anyone with a camcorder thinks himself a videographer these days, but there’s a lot more to it than having a capable lens. The pros have the best equipment in the market, including top-notch drones, ensuring you nail all the critical aspects of proper real estate videography.

The experts also come with high definition cameras and know how to use sliders, movements, and aerial maneuvers to best highlight the home or establishment. Moreover, they are firmly in the know of what’s trendy in the field and will ensure you steer clear of red flags that could put off clients.

2)   You’ll sell for more

Contemporary reports indicate that the difference between professional real estate videography and going without it is $11, 000. On average, the inclusion of first-rate videos (which also bring into perspective those essential amenities) can increase your property’s market value by the figure above.

3)   You’ll stand out from the crowd

With so many options on the market, it’s vital to set yourself apart from the rest. The right videography techniques can do that for you. Via aerial photography and other little-known industry secrets, your videographer can fashion a presentation that catches the eye and sticks out like a sore thumb.

4)   A professional videographer is great at scripting

A good real estate video tells a story, and the pros are well-versed with adept storytelling techniques. They’ll have amazing ideas to offer that might catapult you to the top of property listings.

5)   You’ll save time

Real estate videography requires a great deal of experience, persistence, and time to get right. If you are short on the latter, a videographer can take care of it for you while you go about your business.

Final verdict: Do you need real estate videography?

It’s challenging and cumbersome for buyers to physically visit each property to determine whether it’s the right fit, and videos are the next best thing.

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No amount of words can beat the first-hand account that an accomplished videographer brings to the table.

With that in mind and given that nine out of ten people make a real estate decision after looking through property footage, it is undoubtedly a must-have. Protection Status