Video Post Production

Video post production is the culmination of days – even months – of videography work. It is the part in the filmmaking process, where the actual video is produced.

This process entails the editing of both audio, video footage, special effects and motion graphics to create the videos.

A 2Bridges video editor will assemble all these pieces to create an interwoven and multisensory experience that will be posted on social media and the theaters.

As a full service video production company in NYC, 2Bridges provides a variety of services to our clients:

What video post production services can we provide at 2Bridges?

At 2Bridges, we help clients with the following video post production processes.

  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics (i.e. logos, titles)
  • Sound design
  • Color Correction
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects

Regardless of scope or budget, we have video production solutions for everyone.

Here are video types we produce for our clients:

How we provide premier video post production solutions to our NYC clients

Editing the final video

The cinematographer or the director will send all the video files to the editor. The editor will take a few days to view the footage for the first time. He or she will watch every clip and listen to every sound byte that was recorded during the actual film production.

Then these pieces are organized in an editing suite, such as Adobe Premier, Da Vinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro. The editor will then proceed to create an initial cut of the video. He or she will keep the best footage and clearest sound, and interweave music if necessary for the film.

In the olden days of filmmaking, the editor would have literally “cut” and “splice” the footage from actual, physical film. In today’s digital age, this is no longer the case. Everything is digital. All the pieces are created in a computer software, and the final video is a computer file optimized for upload to either Vimeo or YouTube.

Editing the sound

Some is a crucial element of editing. In fact, film genres like horror and thriller are all driven by sound. Imagine watching your favorite horror film, but there was no sound. Jason or Freddy Kreuger would be less creepy without all the sound work.

Then there are the sound effects. Imagine watching Star Wars, and you don’t hear the lightsaber sounds, when Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker duel each other. They will look like old men playing with flashlights.

Sound work is often overlooked by the audience, because proper sound design is meant to blend in with the final film. It’s hit or miss. Do it well, and the audience will have an enhanced experience without knowing how much sound has played a major part of the cinematic process.

Do sound poorly and your video will look like a $2 film shot with a first generation iPhone from 10 years ago.

Our sound editors are responsible for assembling the audio tracks for the video, clearing up unwanted hiss or ambient noise and creating sound effects.

Then there is the music. If it’s a thriller or horror we’re shooting, our editors will select an appropriate music. If it’s a corporate film, then it will be less scary and more inspiring or hopeful.

Visual Effects

For big budget projects, a visual effects team might be needed. This team will consist a mixture of artists and engineers. They design computer generated visuals for the film.

For example, all the dragons in the Game of Thrones are designed by the visual effects team at HBO.

Not every project will require a visual effects team. But if we’re shooting a fantasy or futuristic film, then part of the overall film budget must have sufficient dollars allocated for a professional visual effects team.

Sound Mixers

When all the audio tracks have been finalized, sound mixers come in to adjust the audio levels to acceptable levels. You don’t want the sound to hiss loudly or play too low. The power of the sound can easily overwhelm a scene if the characters are saying their lines.

Improper sound can distract from the footage and take the audience out of the fantasy that is film.

Not every project will require sound mixers. Most corporate and social media videos do no require a dedicated sound mixing team. However, most narrative films will require it. Narrative films are much more complex and require a sound mixing team to ensure that the sound does not take the audience out of the film fiction.

Color Correction

In today’s digital world, most videos are shot on Raw or flat footage. This ensure that the video clip captures as much light and color data from the scene. If left uncorrected, then the footage looks awful and will not do well in social media and especially in the theaters.

An editor or even a dedicated color correction specialist is required to turn raw and flat footage into a good picture.

This can be as easy as turning flat footage to Rec 709, or it can be as complicated and artistic as a Wes Anderson movie. Every footage must look the same, based on the vision of the director or the producer. One clip cannot be “greenish” and then suddenly turn “blue” five seconds later. If you look at any Wes Anderson film, he goes for a very strict vision of his movies.

Every sequence and every clip have been planned out. They all have the same color scheme and have a distinct look.

At 2Bridges, we work with you to make your vision into a reality.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics put the final touches in a video. These can be as simple as logo animation, and lower thirds. Sometimes it can the final credits on the film or the intro to a web series or TV show.

These final touches to the video are what separates amateur videos to professional videos that will stand out in social media.


At 2Bridges, we put a lot of effort in the video post production process. This the end of the rainbow. This is the part of the filmmaking process when the actual film is finalized and produced for the world to see.

We work with our clients from start to finish to deliver their vision, and ensure that every video production engagement ends on a successful note.

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