Photo & Video Services

We provide photo & video packages for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your project.

As a video production company in NYC, we use a three prong process:

For social media marketing, we understand it’s not enough to have videos. You’ll need a comprehensive approach, which is both photo & video services.

Our in-house videographers and photographers stand ready to help. CONTACT US today.

Every good video needs a good photo as a thumbnail. Every social media profile requires a professional head shot photo.

For these very reasons, part of our job as media marketers requires us to offer professional photography services to help our clients stand out in the crowded world of social media.

Using a store as a metaphor, think of your videos as the products you’re selling in the store. Photos are the set displays on store window fronts to get people’s attention.

Do you know why stores like Bloomingdales and Macy’s spend so much money decorating their mannequins? It’s to entice you to get inside and spend on their products. Video marketing works in the same way. If you didn’t have a good thumbnail, no one would even click on your video.

This is why we offer photography services to our clients. We not only help our clients make great videos, but we also help them spread their unique story or message to their customers. What makes 2Bridges different from other video production companies is our mantra:

We are storytellers first, cinematographers second.

The reason clients keep coming back to us is because of our philosophy on repeat engagement.

Tell a damn good story and they’ll come back for more.

Thousands of videos are uploaded to Youtube every day, and even more thousands of blogs are posted on Tumblr, WordPress and Pinterest:

  • Research has shown that any social media post with a photo receive more engagements than posts without one.
  • A good thumbnail can serve as an effective clickbait for your videos.

Don’t lose out to your competitors because you had a bad thumbnail, or poor lighting on your social media profile pic.

Get it professionally made.

Work with storytellers who will help you tell a good story to engage your customers and fans.

At 2Bridges Productions, we have a team of professionals than can provide the following services: Protection Status