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We are a full-service, New York City based video production company committed to providing affordable video services for corporate, commercial and entertainment projects.

video production services

Video Production Services

Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 2Bridges prides itself in its unique approach to provide customized video production solutions to our corporate and individual clients. Our mantra is "we are storytellers first and videographers second." This core philosophy is what sets us apart from the average point-and-shoot camera layman, and makes us stand out as premiere wedding cinematographers in NYC.

Through the power of compelling storytelling, we create memorable videos that get us referrals and repeat business. We'll work with any budget and with any scope to deliver the most compelling corporate video, camera drone footage or wedding videos to our NYC clients.

Photography services in nyc

Photography Services

Although we are primarily focused on filmmaking and cinematography, we haven't forgotten our roots as photopreneurs. It's through our curiosity of the simple SLR camera and strange affinity with dark photo rooms that we came to love the power of a still image. This love for still images eventually morphed into an obsession with the moving image, or the power of video.

At our New York City studio, we continue to offer services, like studio photography, because we still understand and appreciate the power of a still photo. It can be used on thumbnails for videos. It can be used as a profile pic on social media. The still image has a place in this highly digitized world, and we have the skills and tools necessary to get the job done for our clients.

Indie Filmmaking

Indie Films

As we mentioned before, we at 2Bridges are storytellers first, videographers second. Hence, we have a passion for making narrative films with a particular interest in indie filmmaking. 

Indie filmmaking is the ultimate challenge for any serious storyteller. It combines script writing, camera work, post-production, marketing and distribution to make it all come together. With our team of writers, directors, editors and SEO specialists, we stand ready to assist you with any phase of your narrative film. We are passionate filmmakers and even more passionate storytellers.

We stand ready to help you spread your unique voice to a world hungry for new talent.

Where is 2Bridges Film Studios located?

We're a bit biased when we say that New York, New York is the best place to get involved in the film and videography industry. The film community is vibrant and willing to help each other succeed. Whether it's on Facebook or Meetup or a coffee shop in "Willyburg," there's always a place to share ideas, grow and learn from each other.

We maintain an active blog filled with informative articles and reviews on anything film, videography and photography, written by our internal writers or via our guest post program for film, videography and photography. Contact us if you're interested in our guest post program.

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