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Short for demonstration, a demo video basically breaks down how a service/product works.

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Alternatively, it also highlights how a specific problem is solved thereby creating the urgency or need for a particular purchase. Along with sizzle reels, social media marketing and brand videos, it’s a key part of any brand awareness program for your business.

With that in mind, today we’ll be taking a look at what businesses stand to benefit from such videos as well as a couple of pointers on how to get them absolutely spot on. 

Importance of demo videography for your business:

Demo videos provide proof of effectiveness

Clients have become wary of contemporary marketing which is all about chest thumping without delivering actual results. You can convince your audience that your product/service walks the talk through demo videos that provide proof that whatever you’re pitching does indeed work.

Moreover, by detailing steps of the procedure, clients are more motivated to buy as they can literally imagine themselves using the product to solve a problem.

Product demos offer a creative way to pitch benefits and key features

Demo videos can also be subtly used to depict the upside to your product as well as key features in a manner that doesn’t shove sales down the throat of customers.

You can disguise uniqueness and specific features within the guide so that while the viewers are primarily learning the ropes they are also unknowingly taking in these attributes.

Your business can circumvent the need for sales reps

A demo video can be opted for in place of sales reps who prove more expensive and time-consuming in comparison. Factor in expenses such as accommodation, travel, commission, and salary and you’ll notice that demo videos will only take up a fraction of the costs whilst also saving you a great deal of time.

Sales reps are important nonetheless but with demo videos, you can do without them.

User product demonstrations build trust

Product demos from the perspective of users or actual clients proves more beneficial compared to that done by a company official which seems quite premeditated and scripted.

The former is desirable as it makes the experience more real and enhances your business’ credibility.

Video demonstrations best explain what words can’t

A picture is worth a thousand words and that truly is the case here as people learn best through images than text. Even the most talented writer in the world can’t quite bring out a how-to’ concept better than a video.

Tips on creating the perfect demo video:

Open with aplomb

You have just 12 seconds for the viewers to make up their mind on whether they’ll continue watching the video or not with recent statistics showing that eight in every ten people rarely make it past the 70-second mark. Your opening sequence, therefore, needs to right away reel in your client base and the clip duration should preferably be as short as possible without being too fast to follow.

A killer intro entails an excellent cover image and a summary of the problem and how you look to solve that problem.

Carter to both text and visual learners

Most demo videos forgo the use of text, only showing viewers what and how to do something thereby locking out a group of people who learn best via text. Do not be one of those companies. Instead, be one that accompanies visual directions with textual support.

Keep it simple

Your customers need not understand the inner workings of your device or service so steer clear of the technical nitty-gritty. If you have a complex device with many functions to showcase, you can create more than one video highlighting one or two features per session.

Don’t cram all that information into a singular minute long video because it’s highly likely the intended audience won’t keep up.

Sign off with a call to action

Now that you’ve talked about the agenda of the day and clients are still lurking around for AOB, this is the best time to capitalize and strike while the iron is still hot. A demo video is inspirational and viewers will be straight away looking to implement what they’ve learned. Take this opportunity to steal a conversion by ending with a call to action.

Last but not least, remember to put the client first when shooting a demo video.

It should not be an about us’ kind of thing rather it should seem geared at genuinely helping out the audience with an effective solution.

Keep that in mind and you’ll hardly put a foot wrong.

And this why and how you demo videos are an important part of a growth strategy for your business.

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