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Branding extends well beyond a catchy emblem or phrase and entails forging a unique and loveable identity that potential customers can right away pick out from a room full of alternatives.

Brand videos coupled with a sizzle reel, social media exposure and a product demo video are key components to a brand awareness campaign.

Benefits of Brand Videos

High conversion rates

A survey by reputable marketing platform HubSpot shows that branded videos can improve your conversion rates twofold.

The study further explains that a compelling presentation delivers a convincing and emotional pitch that words can’t capture proving more effective as a result. 

Brand videos better email marketing efforts

Merely including the term “video” in your subject line can increase click-through rates by up to three times with there also being evidence of reduced unsubscriptions as well.

Email marketing has fallen down the pecking order in recent years but you can reinvent one of the oldest strategies into a well-oiled machine that thrives in the present era.

You’ll get into Google’s and YouTube’s good books 

It’s an open fact that search engines are in love with video content with the largest search engine on the interwebs, i.e. Google, and runners-up YouTube taking the lion’s share of traffic on the World Wide Web.

Branded videos bode well with either avenue and this means better SEO rankings that come with more opportunities for exposure and eventually conversions. 

Brand videos influence purchase decisions positively

Of a sample of ten people, studies indicate, nine of them have made a purchase decision immediately after watching brand videos. This is a testament to just how much say these videos have on turning scavengers into customers or clients.

What’s more, the figures are just as extraordinary with regards to the number of people who share a good brand video after watching it as statistics indicate 92% of individuals do so.

Pointers for a good brand video

Now that we’ve established the need for branded videos, here are a couple of tips on creating killer clips:

Have a compelling plot

While branded videos are essentially adverts, enthralling content shouldn’t be thrown out the window altogether. As is the case with written content, video formats also need an immersive plot that should preferably be inspirational- or humorous- in nature.

Look to Samsung, The Dollar Shave Club and Volvo for the gold standard of this concept. In the same vein, don’t be too pushy with sales or use poor quality film or else viewers will be reaching for the close button faster than the speed of light.

Understand your target group and their devices

To best cater to your audience, create content whilst placing yourself in the shoes of those who know where it pinches most. Start with the end in mind. Also, how do they primarily access content? Is a tablet/smartphone the preferred tool of trade or is a desktop browser/app the go-to?

Optimize your content especially for your popular channels. You could use your FAQ section to best figure out what’s their cup of tea.

Have a creative brief to consult

Implementing a general idea into reality is challenging without a brief guiding you and it’s easy to stray off-target or clash with team members who are of a different opinion. To avoid such problems down the road, have a sit-down with all involved and agree on common objectives, target audience, and other essentials.

Use a conversational script

Save the jargons for academic literature and stick to basic everyday language that won’t have people keeping open an extra tab for Google’s dictionary. Additionally, be sure to communicate in brief concise sentences while making viewers feel a part of the discussion by asking questions and using terms of inclusivity such as you’ etc.

Lighting and audio can make or break brand videos:

Bad audio gives your videos little chance of going viral and so do to does bad lighting which also says a lot about the kind of business you are.

If you’re still a bit unsure on what a good brand video encompasses look to the Volvo XC6O Moments’ on YouTube for an excellent heads up.

It tells the story of the problem from the perspective of the potential customer and takes you on an emotional journey that affirms the need for the solution.

In a nutshell, the users’ problems should be your business’ primary focus while your product/service should just be the icing on the cake providing an actionable solution at the very end.

This is just one type of video we create for corporate clients. Here’s the comprehensive list:

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