2Bridges Productions is a New York City video production company, servicing local businesses and large brands alike. If you're not leveraging the power of video to launch or promote your business, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

It's imperative in today's highly digitized world to provide video content to attract and retain your customers. At 2Bridges Productions, we have the team to help you harness the power of video.

2Bridges consists of talented screenwriters, producers, directors, producers and videographers - all capable of handling simple 4 hour shoots to complex multi-day brand awareness campaigns.

Regardless of the scope or budget, we work with you to get what's best for your business.

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$1,500 Videography Package

This is perfect for single interviews and simple shoots that don't require a lot or pre-production. What we'll bring for this package:

  • 1-2 videographers and film production crew for a 4-hour shoot

  • 1-2 cameras

  • Audio for film

  • Lighting setups on set

  • Post Production Editing

  • 1-2 locations (in same general area)

These quick videos are perfect for:

  • Introduction to CEO or Executive profiles

  • Brand commercials

  • Youtube Explainer videos

  • Demos and how-to's for staff and personnel


$2,500 Videography Package

This will include what is offered in the $1,000 Video Package, except coverage will include a 8 hours (full shooting day) to get more coverage and perhaps do 1-2 more interviews including the following:

  • Concept development

  • Creative consultation

  • Project Management

  • On-Screen film talent

This package is perfect for:

  • Multi-interviews

  • Day in the life of an employee or officer

  • Overview of the manufacturing process

  • Serial videos for Youtube channels


$3,000+ Custom Videography Package

This is designed for a multi-day shoot. It's perfect for creating several videos for an on-going Youtube channel or a brand awareness video campaign. This includes everything from the first two packages and the following:

  • 2 day shoot (12-14 hours)

  • Additional revisions

  • Additional film location

These videos are meant to showcase your company from top down:

  • Interviews to introduce the founding members of a company

  • Sizzle reels for new markets

Case Study

According to marketing research, video is and will continue to be the most popular form of media on the Internet. There’s a reason why Google paid billions to acquire YouTube. There’s a reason why big companies, like Apple and Amazon, are building up their film and video content online.

Consumers prefer video. It’s the fastest way to reach an audience and build a following. Here are two examples where we have made an impact with our video production services.

Skymark and Bulldog Gin

Bulldog’s CEO Anshuman Vohra used a variety of media content to grow his gin business into a profitable venture. With the urging and guidance of Skymark Ventures (a NYC based consulting firm), they leveraged the power of video to grow their brand even further. We helped them in a variety of video marketing campaigns, which included their leadership series for C-Level executives (sponsored by Skymark Ventures). Video contributed to the rapid growth of Bulldog as a household gin brand, culminating in their $43M sale to Gruppo Campari.

Following the success of Bulldog Gin, Mr. Vohra has moved onto building a new drink company, and Skymark Ventures expanded into the recruiting industry with Vested Technology.

How do we do it?

We treat every video as filmmaking exercise. In film, there are three stages:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

In pre-production, we do a walkthrough of the location. We interview the business owners and relevant stakeholders to understand what they want and how to show it. We work with your marketing team in order to integrate your video strategy with your overall marketing campaign. Finally, we discuss costs and do our best to work within your budget.

During production, we only use the right film equipment and personnel to get the job done. If what you need is a state-of-the-art RED package, we’ll get it and get the pros to shoot your videos Hollywood style. If you have a limited budget, then we’ll work with our DSLR camera packages to cut down costs. We work within your budget, while ensuring we get the best video for your marketing campaign.

Finally, in post-production, our team of editors will work to color correct the footage. Again, we work with your marketing team to pick-and-choose the footage you want. We help select the right music and the right tone to get your message across to your audience. If you have your own in-house editing team, then we’ll work with them to get the footage they want in whatever format (i.e. HD, RAW, 4K).

Our video production services include:

  • Video marketing
  • Screenwriting and storyboarding
  • Single or multi-camera shoot
  • Professional cameras (RED/Alexa) or budget friendly (DSLR or even your iPhone!)
  • Graphics design
  • Color correction
  • Sound design
  • Voice Talent or acting talent
  • Video distribution strategy (i.e. video seeding, YouTube channel design and distribution)
  • Video hosting

If we missed anything, just CONTACT US, and we’ll let you know how we can provide video production coverage for your needs.


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