How to Take Great Photos of Your Business Cards

When it comes to taking photographs of your business card, it’s always better to make the photo look interesting as opposed to just shooting them while they’re lying flat on your desk. You worked hard to design your business card and it’s only right that you show them off in the best possible manner.

Try to find something that compliments the color, style, and texture of your business cards to use as a background image. Remember that a busy background will distract your viewers from the subject, in this case, your business card. You can always blur the background later if you find that too many elements are drawing your eyes away from the card.

You don’t want your viewers to focus more on the background than on the beauty of the card you created. Neutral colors are always a safe bet but remember that contrasting colors will really make your design pop and stand out. When shooting, keep the focus on the card and don’t worry if the background becomes blurry.

Make sure you shoot your card at an interesting angle. If you just throw it on a flat surface and take a quick picture it’s not going to impress anyone. Experiment with different angles, distances, views, positions, etc. until you find what works best for you.

Remember that you can take as many shots as you need and always delete the excess shots later. It’s better to shoot a million photos one time than to keep going back if you are not satisfied with the original shots.

Texture can also be very important when it comes to taking good photos of your cards. Some of the best business cards are printed on high-quality stock or other interesting types of paper. If you paid more to get your card printed on a certain type of paper then you might as well show the texture off as well in your photograph.

Not only will your card have a different and wonderful feel to it, but you will also make your business cards look that much better if the texture is unique. Shoot close up so that you can see the texture clearly in your photograph. You might have to mess around with the focus for a while, but the end result will be completely worth it.

Proper lighting can be difficult to achieve but in the end it can make or break your photo. Try experimenting with natural light from the great outdoors along with artificial light from different lamps that can be adjusted.

Bad lighting can make your photos too dark in certain areas and too light in others. It can even make them look bland, faded, and unprofessional in the end. Make sure you have your lighting correct before taking the photographs. It’s better to spend a lot of time perfecting your lighting than looking at your photos later and realizing that you could have done better.

Lastly, remember that focus is extremely important when it comes to capturing the beauty of your business cards. Blurred photos are harsh on the eyes and overly focused photos will leave your business card blending in with the background. The amazing design on your card means nothing if it is blurred when the viewer looks at it. Protection Status