Personal Photographer for a Day in Marseille

Marseille has emerged stronger from a rough history connected to its position as a seaport, but this turmoil had added a more brilliant character to the city as a whole.

Now considered a high-end resort city, you can experience true French and Mediterranean style during your vacation, especially if you decide to hire a personal photographer for a day in Marseille.

With a local photographer like the ones from Localgrapher, you can experience the city in a unique perspective and possibly be introduced to some lesser known and special places most tourists pass up.

Pair a photographer with a videographer to cement the memories forever in a photo and video montage.

Magical History in Personal Photographs

The history is what makes Marseille such a wonderful and charming place to visit. At the heart of the action is the Old Port where ships have docked throughout the centuries, bringing merchandise and taking exported goods across the sea.

Try out the delicious locally caught fish at the restaurants, or simply wander the piers to take in the scenery and get some iconic photos of Marseille. For a more in-depth look at the city’s history, you can visit the Musée d’Histoire de Marseille, where a chronological story of the city is displayed in the form of ancient ships and archaeological discoveries.

The Modern Side of the City

Amidst the historic charm, Marseille also boasts some of the best modern development in the Mediterranean. Make sure you visit the ultra-modern MuCEM, a contemporary museum known for its stunning architecture which focuses on the art and culture of the Mediterranean throughout history.

Right next to the shore is the long strip called La Corniche, where it is possible to appreciate the scenery of Marseille either by walking, biking, or driving.

Dive into the Neighborhoods

Around Marseille you’ll find different neighborhoods with distinct characters. The area known as La Panier dates back to when it was a Greek colony. In addition to some fascinating historic architecture, you can enjoy the pleasant ambiance and artistic vibe the area has developed.

In the neighborhood of Noailles you can experience the African influence Marseille gained because of being a seaport. Here you can visit the bustling local markets with street food traditional to North African cities.

Just outside of city limits is the charming suburb of L’Estaque, a fishing village once frequented by the famous artist Cézanne. You can wander around the historic port and enjoy the scenery of docks, ships, and the breathtaking Mediterranean, all of which is perfect to include in your vacation photo shoot in Marseille.

Looking for the perfect Mediterranean vacation? Marseille is one of the best choices for any vacation, be it a romantic wedding celebration or a fun summer family trip.

The diverse history of the city is something you’ll want to explore with the help of a local; from the rich variety in culture to the various landmarks, someone who is familiar with the area can give you inside tips about the best places to visit during your trip to Marseille and which spots would be perfect for the personal photographs of your trip. Protection Status