How to use Video as a Fitness Coach

If you’re a professional in the fitness industry, then you’ve likely seen the multitude of work out videos on YouTube. Instagram has many more fitness videos.

It’s clear you need a video strategy to promote your fitness business, whether you sell supplements or do it for the views. 

💪🏼 Fitness coaches especially need video for promotion.

Video is all around us. It’s on social media channels everywhere we go. Search engines are brimming with visual content. Video marketing is a big deal in 2021 although it has been very effective in years long before. From established brands to little-known teens trying their hand, almost everyone seems to be in on it. 

So why should you get left behind? 

This type of marketing is especially perfect for a fitness business where it’s all about showing what you can do for clients rather than telling them. It’s immensely popular and for good reasons!

The numbers don’t lie. 

Did you know that approximately 74 percent of consumers make a purchasing decision because of a brand video? 

And that over 80% of businesses attest to the ROI of videos? 

✅ What’s more, the majority of people are visual learners. 

Findings by the Social Science Research Network indicate that 65% of people learn better through video than any other format!

At a time when the pandemic is shackling many indoors, video has gained increased importance as a marketing and service strategy for coaches. It enables remote training and a convenient way to dispense services without the risk of crowds. 

In addition to important physical demonstrations and proof of results, video offers many other advantages. We show you how you can tap into these benefits to maximize your fitness coaching. 

3 ways to grow your fitness business with video

Describe your specialty

Video is a great place to let us know what you’re all about as a fitness coach. For instance, if you’re a specialized powerlifter, take us through the ropes.

Let the audience get your thoughts on the various ways of powerlifting. 

Maybe you have a preference for bench presses over deadlifts. Perhaps you believe squat is the best powerlifting technique. Or you think each of the three ways of powerlifting is perfect for different individuals because of one reason or the other. 

Video is an excellent way to show us your mastery of the trade beyond the physical point of view. Maybe tell us when certain exercises are effective and why.

Alternatively, you may be an advocate for a more generalized form of training such as the cross fit. Your video should be geared toward why you settled on one niche over the other. Maybe there are added advantages that lead you to this decision. 

Or maybe you grew up in a family of crossfitters. Perhaps you found passion after some personal inspiration and have been practicing ever since. Let us know your story.

Video is also an effective way to introduce yourself to your clients. People tend to buy things or seek out services from people they know and consequently trust. You can use video to make yourself familiar to viewers. Let your personality shine through. If you have a funny side, don’t be afraid to show it.

 Let the audience get to know you first and foremost. Including why you do what you do, your specialty, service overview, and other important details.  

Make educational videos

Aside from building trust, fitness videos also serve to establish your grasp of the trade. It’s perfect for substantiating that physical prowess in addition to enthrallingly marketing your services. 

Educational videos help the audience just as much as they do your business. They show your range of services while packing useful content for viewers. 

Moreover, educational videos demonstrate your expertise on the subject. Clients pay top dollar for experienced trainers. Here’s a celebrity trainer explaining his process:

A good video paints you as a master of fitness, a go-to for workout advice, and an expert that people can depend on and turn to for anything.

Trying out new experiences can be intimidating. Your business can demonstrate through video the benefits and ease of various experiences to reassure new clients. People naturally have reservations. 

Some think it’s too hard or time-consuming to try out. You can demonstrate how easy it is to get started on a regime without sacrificing too much time or effort.

Show how they can maintain a consistent workout even while juggling busy workdays and other obligations. Show new clients that it can be done no matter the hurdles.

The COVID pandemic has brought several health concerns. For clients still skeptical about going to the gym, video allows your business to offer remote training or fitness programs. 

The virus remains a huge concern keeping some away and a couple of businesses closed. You can still tap into your market base from the comforts of their homes through the power of video.

Testimonial videos 

Whether it’s a trainer or a good restaurant, customers peruse the search engine for reviews on businesses. Because of this, you need social proof or testimonials to stand out from your competition.

I’ve already written in detail the importance of a good testimonial video. Read more about it in this article HERE.

People seek fitness solutions for various reasons. Some are in search of those rock-hard abs, bulging biceps, and the perfect body in general. Others are in it for the health benefits while another group simply enjoys the challenge it offers to stretch and defy human limitation. 

Whatever their purpose, testimonial videos can map out the path for them and visualize their expectations. 

Linking before and after scenarios, testimonial videos are an excellent method to show clients what awaits at the end of the fitness journey. And there’s no better incentive to get people signed up for your services.

Take us through that transformation adventure. Show us how one client was when they walked in on the first day and how it’s gone so far. Other peoples’ success stories offer huge motivation for people thinking of starting. 

Maybe unsure of whether a certain regime is right for them, testimonial videos convince with substantiated proof.

Your regular clients will have positive things to say about you. Perhaps they like your resolve, the manner of teaching/training, your passion/personality, and how you help them achieve their goals. Ask if they are willing to put this enthusiasm on camera. 

Let them describe what their experience working with you has been like. Do they have fun? Would they choose you all over again if they got the chance? Why so? Imagine the questions a person watching the video for the first time would have. Factor these concerns into the testimonial conversations.

Showcase your skills

The fitness industry has many niches and nuances. It has professionals who focus on cross fit. Others find their passion in powerlifting. Others train with just their body weight.

Whatever your niche, there’s certainly an audience for it. And you likely have lots of competition, competing for their attention.

Hence, you need to leverage content marketing to reach out to potential clients. Video is the best form of content marketing because most people prefer to “see” a proper deadlift rather than reading a text article on proper form.

I myself go to the gym constantly. When in doubt about a certain exercise, I watch a how-to video on YouTube. It’s much easier to follow a how-to video (which is visual and easy-to-follow) versus reading a blog article.

So as a fitness coach, do yourself a favor 👉

Start bringing a camera to your workouts and get that YouTube channel growing. And when you’re ready to level up your video game, CONTACT US for your video production needs. Protection Status