Why Video is Good For Learning

Videos indeed are powerful tools to communicate educational information to students.

According to research cited on Huffington Post, 49 percent (of teachers surveyed) estimate a typical student watches six to 20 educational videos per month.

Because of this, YouTube videos are one of our most asked about services.

Moreover, “how to” educational videos on YouTube are growing 70 percent year over year according to SearchEngineLand.com.

Here’s the succinct reason why videos are good for learning:

Video engages the auditory and visual senses of a human being. Because video enhances humans’ experiential stimuli, the chances of them retaining information are increased.

Indeed, the usage of video will cause most students to achieve at higher levels of success in regard to their academic learning.

Applicable for all ages

It cannot be denied that videos tend to engage the attention of students at all age levels. Even educational lessons with intense learning material can be presented in videos, which students will likely gravitate toward and try to learn.

There is a place in educational learning for the reading of texts and engaging in writing activities, along with focusing on listening exercises.

It cannot be denied that the usage of video should also be included as a result of the reality that videos are immediately powerful in capturing the attention span of the majority of students of all ages.

Students will likely perform better concerning their other work in reading, writing and listening exercises when they know that there will be the implementation of a video for the lesson as well.

This is because they are looking forward to the video with great anticipation.

Thus, the usage of videos creates positive energy in the students, which propels the students to perform better in their work overall. Then the content that they learn in the videos will be longer retained and more readily implemented in their personal learning process at a higher level of success.

Deeper motivation to learn

It is imperative to realize that videos are truly advantageous in regard to motivating students to learn.

When students are presented with videos in a way that allows them to grasp the content in a way that is understandable and relevant to them, the students will naturally cultivate a deeper motivation to learn the content that is being presented.

The students then will develop a deeper commitment to doing their best overall when it comes to learning well in regard to most of their subjects.

This is truly a milestone for a large number of students who otherwise may struggle to learn in other ways when there is an absence of the usage of videos.

This showcases the strong reality that videos empower students to excel in their educational efforts in a wide spectrum of subjects.

When students do well in school, this will also help them to excel in other areas of their lives outside of school as well.

Thus, the usage of videos in regard to helping students to learn more effectively should never be overlooked.

Better clarity and comprehension

Students can become frustrated when they do not understand something.

Any teacher will realize as soon as he or she enters a classroom and begins teaching a lesson that there are a wide array of different levels of comprehension within the classroom.

The reading of texts may make sense to some students, but those same texts may seem complex to other students. Some students may struggle with writing exercises, while other students may excel doing writing exercises.

Some students may thrive when it comes to participating in listening exercises and other students may seem to struggle to grasp the meaning of the content that is presented during the listening exercises.

But when there is the usage of videos, the reality is that most students are more on an equalized level in terms of their comprehension of the information that is presented in the videos.

This is based on the fact that the visual elements of the video solidify the comprehension of the students regarding the material of the lesson on an even deeper level.

Consequently, the visual appeal of the video is the missing link that some students who struggle with learning truly need to be present in order for them to achieve a deeper comprehension of the material that is being presented.

In other words, the visual appeal of the video provides the clarity that the students need in order to comprehend the content of the lesson.


Students are able to better learn the content of the lessons when there is the usage of videos. Videos are highly beneficial indeed due to reality that they are applicable for all age levels.

Also, videos empower the students to cultivate a deeper motivation to learn the material of the lesions.

Videos provide better clarity and comprehension of the lessons as a result of the visual aspect of the videos, which is missing for exercises that are based only on reading,writing and listening.

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