How to Use Video as a Life Coach

As a life coach, you’ve had to handle the coaching part of your business as well other aspects that go with it. It falls upon your shoulders to market yourself to customers, and make your niche stand out in a saturated market.

In the present society, the adage seeing is believing rings especially true. 

You can tell potential clients all the nicest things about your business, but nothing beats showing us what you stand for.

That’s where video comes in. 

Via compelling visuals, you can stand out from the crowd and become easier for clients to understand. 

Video also adds to the trust factor compared to other forms such as text, where the words remain faceless. Research indicates people are more likely to trust a business when there’s a human element attached to the marketing. A friendly face builds credibility and an inviting persona sets your business apart.

Video also works well for building that all-important first impression.

Video is the most powerful attractive tool. Studies reveal videos get more attention on social media than images and text. The engagement power they offer is undeniable. What’s more, you can build your brand, improve your website rankings on search engines, and soar your life coach business to greater heights with video. 

3 Ways to use video as a life coach

Tell us your story

Let’s get to know you. Tell us your story. The business as well as the person behind it. You can’t have one without the other, so don’t focus only on one side. 

When meeting someone for the first time, you pay attention to what makes them tick. That first impression tells you all you need to know about whether or not you two can hit it off. 

Here is my story as a founder of 2Bridges Productions:

Use videos to tell potential clients what you’re all about. When describing yourself in terms of character traits e.g. honest, hardworking, etc. don’t use the actual words. Instead, describe situations in the past that are testament to these qualities.

For example, instead of saying honest, maybe describe an honest deed you did in the past. Instead of hardworking, describe a scenario that reveals that about you. Perhaps you regularly burn the midnight oil to help clients. 

Tell us about that. Instead of telling us you’re qualified, give us a brief overview of your educational and professional journey. When you outrightly say good things about yourself, it doesn’t sound as believable as when naturally describing situations. 

As you introduce yourself to potential clients, take that chance to show us what makes you unique.

Perhaps, you got into life coaching because of a friend who took his own life due to depression. 

Now you do what you do to help others suffering from depression so they don’t end up the same way. Let’s know those intimate reasons that got you into the business. Make the video personal and builds that emotional connection. Tell us what you bring to the table that people may not get anywhere else. 

Tell us your process

What happens from the moment a new client walks in through the door to the last day of coaching? It helps to tell viewers what to expect. 

  • What strategies do you implore to assist clients? 
  • Are you using tried and proven methods? 
  • What kind of issues do you help people deal with? 

These are the sort of questions you need to be answering when telling us about your process. What’s more, if you have an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification, or some other unique qualification, this is the right time to share that information.

Also, try to offer your services in the form of packages. An outright monthly or session-by-session fee can scare new clients, especially when it’s unclear how long the process lasts. While every client is unique and has different needs, basic packages with defined prices and periods are more appealing. 

Tell us through video about the various solutions you offer different clients, and how long it’ll approximately take to work through issues.

A clear timeline of problem-solving goes a long way.

Most importantly, let the audience feel your expertise. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in the game for years, a well-crafted video can paint you as the go-to expert either way. Talk confidently and with authority, break down complex topics into understandable content. Don’t tell the audience about your competencies. 

Demonstrate it by tackling the tough questions. However, keep your process explanation succinct. The longer your video is, the less likely it is to be effective. As a general rule of thumb, stick to a duration of 5 to 10 minutes. 

Testimonial videos

At the end of the day, results are what matters most in any business. Your potential life coach clients want to know that you can get them the results they desire. That’s probably the most important question they have on their minds. 

It’s why they’ve looked up good life coaches near them. They have a problem they need solving asap. A simple yes or no response will not suffice. 

Use testimonial videos to show clients that you provide effective solutions that truly make a difference

What other people say about you matters more than what you say about yourself.

With testimonials, the devil is the detail. The testimonial video should tell us about the client. That includes the location and names. Perhaps, for one reason or the other, the client may want to maintain his privacy. In this case, you can use initials. It goes without saying you’ll need your client’s permission before giving out their information. 

Also, make sure your clients are okay with you giving out their contact info so new clients can reach out to them. Without details, a testimonial video loses credibility. It may look like something you’ve made yourself.

Watch the background noise as well. If your client is going to be recording their testimonial video themselves, perhaps on a mobile phone, ask that they find a quiet background to enhance the audio. The backdrop of choice should also be plain, uncluttered, and simple. It’s advisable to do the recording yourself or get a videographer to create professional-looking testimonials for you. Protection Status