Why Video Is An Amazing Sales Tool

In YouTube, one of the popular channels when it comes to sales tips and training is Jordan Belfort’s “Wolf of Wall Street” channel. Here he has a plethora of videos on the topic of sales and marketing.

It’s also not surprising that he employs video marketing to get his message out. It’s the perfect way to display his sales techniques.

According to Belfort, here are the top three tools for a salesman:

  • Words being said
  • Tonality
  • Body language

In the video above, I talk about these three things and why it’s not a surprise that video is an amazing sales tool.

In a video, a speaker can control the words being said. The words help get the message out. They also convey what a business or product or a brand is all about.

But words aren’t enough. If it were, then simply reading a sales script would make a great telemarketer. 

This is simply not the case. The words aren’t just important, but also how they are said. Does the person speak in a monotone, Ben Stein voice? Or does the person speak in a confident tone

Tonality allows the speaker to build instant rapport with the other person. Most people have only 4-5 seconds to make an impression. If you deliver your first words in a Ben Stein voice, you can forget about establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

To build confidence when selling, you need to speak confidently.

Finally, there is body language. Human beings are judgmental. Even though most people say it’s not proper, human beings judge others based on appearance or the “cover of a book.”

If you slouch, then you appear less confident and lesson your chances of a sale, while a confident person has a straight posture.

Video is a powerful medium for sales because it’s a medium where a speaker can control all three aspects – words, tonality and body language.

This is why Jordan Belfort uses video extensively to preach his beliefs. As a salesman, he understands he can use all the tools of a great salesman in a video.

And this is why business owners ought to use video for their marketing. It is the most effective way to tell the world about their brand.

Video Transcript:

On YouTube, there’s this popular figure. 

His name is Jordan Belfort.

Most people know him as the Wolf of Wall St.

And he’s known for being amazing in sales.

So his theory is great salesmen have 3 common

tools that they use in order to sell something

or influence someone.

And those 3 tools they use are…

The actual words being said by these salesmen

The tonality of the words being said…

And the body language of the words being said.

What if you put a video in a landing page

Now what happens is you have a video

of someone talking about the products

so you have the words.

Then you have the person talking in different tones.

So you have the tonality of that person.

And then of course you have the person

in the video itself.

Are they slouching?

Are they standing up?

Do they feel confident?

So you have body language.

So video when you put it in a landing page uses all 3 tools that all the great salesmen

use in order to influence other people.

And this is why video has higher engagement rates.

… has crazy statistics when it comes to sales.

there’s some statistics out there where if you put

a video on a landing page

there’s 80 percent greater chance of making a sale

So video is great as a sales tool because

it uses all the tools we humans use

in order to influcence others.

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