TikTok is so easy it’s scary

It’s so easy to use video marketing on Tik Tok – it’s scary.

Let me explain…

I’m a video producer in New York. I’m in the business of getting attention – specifically I’m in the business of getting attention for my clients.

In today’s fancy schmancy world of Instagram, it’s no longer enough to shoot stuff with your phone.

My team uses high end cameras and work with talent agencies in some cases…

But Tik Tok is different.

You have users posting content on their phone. You have users who started yesterday.

It doesn’t matter…

With ONE 15-second video, someone can get hundreds and even thousands of views.

People say Tik Tok is for kids. I say this is PHOEEY…

I opened my first Facebook account with my .edu email when only cool kids with .edu emails could join. I watched YouTube when it was just “for kids”….

Ever wish you could go back in time and start a YouTube channel and hang with the cool “kids” like KassemG and LisaNova?

You can do that with just your smartphone and a Tik Tok account.

It’s so easy…

As a video producer who makes a living off making commercials, it’s amazing how cheap and easy it is to get attention on Tik Tok.

But it’s not going away. It will thrive and I will have to adapt.
And so should your business.

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