Quick Tips on Making a Good Business Video

Videos are one of the best ways to share a ton of useful information in an engaging way with your customers or clients.

If you have a brilliant video produced for your business, you can really strengthen your brand with video marketing.

The problem?

Most businesses do not know what should be going into a quality video. They produce something of a low-quality which people do not want to watch.

This often does more harm than good.

Succinctly put, here’s what you need to make a good business video

Business videos need brevity and clarity.

Business people have little time to waste. They needed answers to their questions yesterday. To get their attention, business videos need to deliver the answers to their query in a clear and concise manner.

That’s the ultimate rule when it comes to making business videos for business professionals.

Here are more things to consider for your next business video

Get to the Point

This is a repeat of the beginning, but I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough.

We know that it can be easy to talk forever on business videos but don’t. The whole purpose of creating a business video is to engage people. If you outstay your welcome, you will probably be irritating them more than anything.

Every single word that you say in a business video needs to add value. If you can drop a sentence and still have the rest of the video make sense, then it should be dropped. People hate overly verbose content. You have no chance of keeping them hooked until the end.

Try and keep the language simple too. Complicated wording can confuse people. This, again, means that they are probably not going to be sticking around until the end of the video.

Before you produce any business video, have a script written. Read through the script. Listen to how it sounds. Edit it. Keep rewriting it until you have the fewest amount of words that you can possibly say while still conveying your message.

Sound Quality

You could write the best video script in the world. A script to rival those big Hollywood blockbusters. However, that counts for nothing if people can’t actually hear a word that you are saying.

If you are going to make a professional business video, then make sure that the sound quality is sublime. Every word uttered needs to be clearly understood.

A big mistake that smaller companies often make when producing their first business videos is to use the microphone built into their video camera. Trust us. That is not a good idea. Microphones built into video cameras are tiny, and they are not that brilliant at picking up sound. The result will be a video with spotty audio. You can barely be understood.

You shouldn’t be filming any sort of professional video unless you have sound being picked up by an external microphone. If you are doing a voiceover, then try to record the sound with a semi-professional set-up at a computer.

Businesses shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with audio before they film their first video. If you get it right the first time, it will save you the need to re-record everything later on.

Professional Appearance

The hallmark of a good business video is one that has been professionally shot.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the video needs to be recorded with a quality camera. The image needs to be sharp. It needs to be in focus. The video needs to be well-edited.

Anybody that appears in the video needs to look professional and presentable. They need to understand what they are doing. Many businesses will rehearse what everybody needs to be doing. Everything needs to be rehearsed to absolute perfection before it is recorded. This way you will end up with far higher quality videos.

If a business can put even the smallest amount of effort into ensuring that their videos have a professional appearance, the number of people watching their videos will shoot up.

You have to remember that anything that your business produces is a reflection of your brand. If you have a low-quality video that lacks a professional appearance, then potential customers and clients will believe that your business is not professional. Your brand will be weakened. It would actually be in your best interests to not put out a video if you can’t do it to a professional standard.


Remember, producing a quality business video is no easy task. However, it is worth putting that effort in. Quality videos can generate untold amounts of cash. Low-quality videos could do you more harm than good.

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