I Didn’t Have This In The ’90s

In this video, I talk about how technology today has made it so much easier to share experiences (and hence discover and share cool things):

Reflecting on my experience in the 1990s, I realized how much has changed in terms of sharing experiences. Back then, one could argue that high school kids were “disconnected” or at least less connected than the adolescents today.

Yes, there was AOL and the many message boards that were available in the 1990s. But these were still reserved to the techie crowd or the computer crowd. The other cliques in high school were unlikely to be chatting about the latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode on an AOL message board.

However, today, it’s so much easier to share an experience. Open up your Instagram and post a photo about something. Log into Twitter and like and share posts from the Game of Thrones trending hashtags.

Bought something cool at the mall?

Take a selfie with the shoes or dress you bought and post it on Instagram.

A post can easily be shared with thousands of people in just seconds.

With video, it’s even more powerful. There are numerous statistics that show how video gets the most engagements versus other forms of media content.

Share a flashy brand video to various groups (in your industry) on Facebook. Make a live video of your office space. These videos will instantly be shared to hundreds or even thousands of people online. 

With video, it’s so much easier to build a brand in today’s connected world.

Video is the perfect tool for marketing.

Shoot the video. Post on social media. Sprinkle a few hashtags. And watch those engagements flood in!

Video transcript:

Back then… when I went to a GAP or Macy’s. 

And let’s say a salesperson was able to sell me shoes.

The way I would brag about that experience is..

I would take my new shoes and go to my friends.

Let’s say my Dungeons & Dragons meetups

on Wednesdays. And I would tell my 2-3 friends that I had

Tell them the cute girl who was able to sell me these shoes

That was the extent of my social network back in the 90s.

And most people had it that way as well.

Maybe they would have 10 or 15 more people..

Back then you did not have Twitter or Instagram. 

But nowadays if you bought something from a website.

Or you saw something cool like a video..

What would happen is you would share it or like it.

And then your followers on Instagram

And Facebook will be able to see it instantly.

So now you’re able to share your experience

to hundreds of people within seconds.

So that’s really the power of video.

It’s much more easily shared

And in a world where everyone has 500,000 

connections on Facebook or Instagram

It’s very easy to spread that message when you have a cool

video or brand video.

(Image source: wikipedia commons)

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