2 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video for Twitter

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Video Transcript

So the reason why you should be using video on Twitter… The two statistics that you should definitely be cognizant of.

The first thing is that video tweets receive ten times more retweets than photos or text. The second thing is that the CPC for any twitter as is 50% less than normal ads whether whether it’s just text or just a photo with text.

Now these are very much in line what you’ll see in a lot of social media platforms. Every social media platform whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google.. definitely YouTube of course.

They all want to push for video because video is king when it comes to
delivering content and Twitter’s no longer just text anymore

They understand that video is the future when it comes to sharing content. In fact there’s a Cisco study that says that 80% of all content on the Internet… 80% of it… all of the internet will be video.

And that’s the reason why is because video gets so much engagement and people react more when it comes to video.

And in Twitter if you want to made it on Twitter if you want to get noticed on it you definitely have to make videos or at least leverage it.

Now most people don’t think of video when it comes to Twitter. Most of them think about coming up with incisive or insightful tweets.

They’re trying to one-up each other or creating content for politics or talking about sports but there’s definitely a market for video on Twitter.

It’s the reason why they’re pushing it. It’s the reason why you get so much more retweets from it.

In fact by putting video on Twitter you’ll actually stand out from your competitors because I guarantee your other the other businesses you’re competing with are probably not even using video on Twitter.

So you definitely should you if you’re definitely on Twitter or considering on it definitely use video for it because it gets more engagements and if you’re using ads you should definitely use Twitter because you’ll spend less on your advertising.

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