Review of the Magic Behind the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

As part of our series on affordable compact cameras, we take a look at the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

A clearly revolutionary device, the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera is a perfect post-DSLR camera. The size and touch screen functionality of the camera is worth appreciating. The best part about this camera is it introduces itself from distance.

It features a super image sensor of 35 mm size. Along with, it includes a global shutter and a canon EF lens mount. Capable of recording ultra HD 4K videos and 1080 p videos, the camera can expose for 12 stops of dynamic range.

The revolutionary camera combines the broad dynamic range and color depth of expensive range.  

Let us have a look on the technical aspects of the camera.

 Taken by  Philipp Stuvecke  during a location shoot for his upcoming short film.

Taken by Philipp Stuvecke during a location shoot for his upcoming short film.

Build and Design of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic design cinema camera is a well-engineered device. The outer body of the camera is made from solid aluminum. It weighs 3.75 lb and it is quite awkward to hold it for too long. When you hold the camera, your thumb hovers naturally over two buttons.

These two buttons are iris and Focus peaking which is two frequently used buttons. The size of the LCD screen is 5-inch and you can easily use buttons for recording, transport, menu and power. This one large red button on the front is for recording. The front, back and one side of the camera are covered with dense rubber so that it does not get dirty with field usage.

Shooting in the RAW with the Blackmagic

Most of the functions of Blackmagic design cinema camera can be accessed through touch screen display. The touch screen of the camera is highly responsive and you can enter basic metadata, ISO and select your preferred recording and display it in few minutes.

The sensor of this camera is less than full frame and it uses image circles that are projected by EF mount lenses. When shooting on RAW, You can convert the files to 2.5k ProRes 422 for remainder post-production.

Cinematography Field Notes

There is this important point about the SSD of this camera. It is too small to store much pictures. The “no space” indicator flashes when the SSD is approaching is full capacity and you can do nothing much with it.

The battery is non-interchangeable and can keep it powered up for several hours. The iris control of the camera is too good. You can get a quick 1:1 zoom by double tapping on the touch screen. The peaking feature of the camera is not noticeable at 1600 ISO.

Rethinking workflow

f you to get best out of this camera try to rework the way you shoot and edit in the past. It gives you images that are quite similar to the actual workflow. You will need an external SATA to convert files from camera’s SSD to your PC.

Conclusion of this Review on Blackmagic Camera

Blackmagic design cinema camera provides breakthrough image quality and that is why it is termed as revolutionary. The affordable prices of this camera suits best for the highest possible quality image. If you are willing to do some serious efforts in the field of photography, you owe this camera to you.