Candid Photography: Top Tips for Capturing Natural Moments

The days of studio portraits of everyone looking at the camera are long gone and people are now looking for photographers who can capture pure and unexpected moments that show emotions, they are looking for candid photography. Camera equipment’s that are often small in size like Black-painted cameras or hidden cameras or even your 13MP mobile camera phone are the most preferred for candid photography to avoid disturbing subjects.

Like all photographers, all we want is to have a quality output in the work we’ve done so try and take as many pictures in as many places as possible to capture those beautiful natural moments.

To capture your subjects better in their most raw and natural moments, here are 7 tips you may want to use:

1. Take your Camera Everywhere

The best way to take spontaneous photographs is to always be ready to do so, a recording pen can be used to take pictures of your subject unaware a recording pen digital camera concealed inside which will allow you to take photographs and videos without calling out for attention.

2. Photograph People doing Things

Images of subjects doing things tend to be much more interesting than people sitting passively doing nothing and smiling for the camera. Make your subject busy and up to something, this adds more energy to a photo and their focus off the camera as this adds an element of a story to the photograph.

3. Kill the flash

You can’t tell a person to act natural because that’s an act. The best way to take photographs of an organic moment is to take a candid photograph and this definitely can’t work when the blinding flash of some cameras are turned on.

Attempt to photograph without the flash if you’re aiming for candid shots, and if you’re in a low light situation, increase your ISO setting or turn on your natural light mode. Take it from the photo experts at Events Paparazzi, sometimes it’s better just to use natural and ambient light instead.

4. Capture emotions

Photograph your subjects when they are happy or sad, lonely or in love, dancing or walking. Always look for the emotion, the facial expressions, and the body language of your subjects as these moments are captivating and full of stories.

5. Anticipate the decisive moment

Watch out for people’s behavior, interactions and body language, anticipate moments before they happen because when gone it might not be gotten back so try to be invisible and focus on the actions of your subject.

6. Shoot from a Side Angle

Shooting at an angle from the side makes everything a little more interesting and natural. When you observe scenes from the side, it will place more separation between you and the subject for that candid and special feeling.

7. Have fun!

The amazing thing about candid photography is that it does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be okay. Allow yourself to interact with your subjects and also encourage them to interact with each other for that feeling you want to create.

(Cover Photo from Pexels)

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