Learn the Basics of Photoshop

When you first start playing with Photoshop, it is like entering a foreign land. All your options feel like a foreign language. However, it’s crucial for you as a professional photographer to learn this software.

An easy way to open projects is to double click on the grey back ground, this will open up your file window. Another useful shortcut is when you want to increase the size of your brush or other tool to push the ] button and to decrease push the [. Control T opens up the transform tool to resize rotate objects you must push enter when you are done editing with this tool.

You can use the automate picture package to put multiple photographs on one sheet of paper like you would get at photo studio like at Kmart. To correct the exposure on the photograph you will use levels see my other article on how to do this link at the bottom. When editing pictures always work in 100% view so you don’t mess something up.

For minor blemishes on a photo use the clone stamp tool alt click on area that is correct next to blemish with approximately the same size brush as blemish, then click over blemish. For larger areas use the healing brush. The red eye tool in Photoshop does a good job of fixing red eyes in your pictures. I hope this helps you get started in the right direction. With more practice you will out grow this tutorial in no time.

Here is a great video to learn about the software:

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