How to Make Money Photographing Waves

Photographing has become popular. You see photographers everywhere you go. Whether it’s the love for takings pictures or the sheer beauty of a moment captured in time it doesn’t matter the fact is that you can make money from it!

What better way to make money, then by doing something you already love to do. It is possible and in fact it is more than possible, it’s easy. In this article I’m going to narrow it down it bit by talking about how to make money photographing waves. Perhaps, you can even turn it into a professional photography service.

I got this idea while being on vacation in Barcelona. I lived in this great for several years and always found the beaches great, especially when you go a little north of the main city and into the outlier villages and towns.

Here there is less tourist traffic so you get to see more pristine beaches. The beaches have more white sand and the typical Mediterranean blue, which is just amazing during the Golden Hour.

Waves are a beautiful force caused by nature and it really is spectacular to capture such a sight whether it’s with a photo or not. There are many ways to make money with photography, but the easiest way to start is online.

Of course before you start taking pictures you’re going to need a nice camera in order to start taking pictures. The way this works is people are willing to pay for quality photos of waves and by quality I mean nice shots. If you’re not sure what a nice shot is see for some nice photos of waves! The better and more unique the photo the more sales you will make.

After you have taken some spectacular photos of waves submit them to sites like or the most popular growing photography called Micro Stock. To professionals the pay is somewhat rather cheap, but to a beginner it’s worth it.

Clients will license stock photos for $1-2. There are many of these micro stock agencies online all you really have to do is research them, it’s fairly simple. Start strong by submitting your best pictures because some websites will require a review of your photos before they can be seen by visitors.

Some will require a minimum of 10 photos to start, some will require just one it really just depends on which agency you choose. After they are reviewed and accepted clients will be able to purchase your photos.

The great thing about selling photos is if you have a really nice picture it can be sold more than once because technically you still retain rights over the photo. So one photo could earn you hundreds or thousands!

Most stock photography agencies will pay $0.20-0.50 per download, but don’t worry it adds up after you sell hundreds which is easy if you have quality photos like I mentioned before.

So keep taking quality photos of waves (I recommend a waterproof camera for the best pictures) and keep submitting them and you could earn some nice residual income. That is how to make money photographing waves and I wish you luck.

Cover Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash Protection Status