Cool Cups for Your Weddings

As a wedding videographer in NYC, I’ve seen all kinds of wedding themes and the desire to have a unique and cool wedding. It’s not just about the right gowns or right venues or style of wedding video. It’s also about the little details from color matching shoes or the type of gowns the bride and her bridesmaids wear at the pre-ceremony festivities.

It’s about customization and being unique. One of the ways to achieve uniqueness is to have personalized items, adorned with one’s name. Take for example these wine cups from Stemless Wine Cups:

  • It came in the nice box and wrapped in plastic for protection. It’s made in China so it’s good it has the plastic covering for protection to avoid scratches. It’s stainless steel, as you can tell from the box. Finally, it has a name on the cup itself.

    This wine cup was sent to me from Simply Stemless for review.

    This item would work very well for the bride and her bridesmaids. As they go through their makeup and preparations, these can be used not just as decoration but also as a way to drink coffee or wine. Who doesn’t like wine in the morning of the big day?

    Furthermore, the cup comes in various colors and the bride’s and her bridesmaids’ names can be put on the cup itself. It’s a highly customizable item, which can be used during the wedding festivities and as a take home gift.

    What’s to love about the 12 ounce stemless wine cup?

    1) It doubles up as an adept vacuum flask

    A cup that ensures chilly drinks retain their cold throughout the day while hot drinks like coffee remain hot thanks to its copper-coated insulation is a definite must-have that commendably takes on a number of roles beyond holding your alcohol. Boasting a service in this regard spanning 9 hours, it makes a great companion for those events that drag on endlessly.

    2) Lovely, sweat-free design

    Arguably the greatest weapon in its arsenal is the cup’s divine aesthetics that consists of a glossy exterior overflowing with a singular shade whose options include a glossy white option, a rose gold alterative, lilac, mint and matte black. Cast at the midst of the round outlook is a contrasting name tag brought to life by vibrant text that beautifully breaks the enchanting monopoly of the overflowing color. The design is capped off by a smooth metallic finish akin to that of a beer can though stronger and a lot more appealing in comparison. Overall, the cup makes for a good on-the-go container that will seem right at home at official or informal gatherings alike.

    3) Longevity 

    Conjured from the mold of topnotch stainless steel, the stemless wine cup is one that was built to brave the years offering service upwards of one decade and more. For just $21.99, this cup provides great value for money considering that you won’t be looking for a replacement anytime soon.

    What’s not to love:

    1) It feels more like a cup than a glass

    There is just something appealing about drinking bubbly wine or champagne via a long-necked glass that lets you swivel the drink around giving you that authentic decadent feel that is somewhat lacking with the stemless variety.

    On the flipside, the cup presents a whole new aspect that is much welcomed and its vacuum technology certainly earns it plaudits over traditional wine glasses. Aside from that, the stemless 120z is virtually flawless.

    Why the stemless wine glass is the perfect wedding gift

    Overall, the stemless wine cup can be simply summed up as gorgeous and effective, to say the least. Weddings are accompanied by the conundrum of what to get the newlyweds but these alluring cups are the perfect embodiment of a simple yet meaningful gift.

    Available in a range of beguiling shades, they can be matched with the wedding theme of the day with the names of the married couple depicted across the sleek exterior in beautiful contrasting fashion showing how two separate halves have become one. If you are looking for something out-of-the-box and one that will endear you to the bride and groom for years to come, these classy yet subtle stemless wine cups are an excellent choice.

    And let”s not forget the guys! If you’re looking for unique groomsmen gifts check out Groovy Guy Gifts.

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