Why You Need Videos To Attract Top Talent

In this video, I discuss the importance of employer branding and why video is the best way to reach top talent in today’s competitive job market.

Also, guest speaker Andy Seidl (Co-Founder of Vested Technology, a recruiting startup) discusses the importance of employer branding in today’s hot job market.

We are both in agreement.

According to a LinkedIn strategy, 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring. It’s no longer just about money.

Today’s workers care more about the company they work for — its values, its history, its philosophy.

✅Today’s workers care most about employer brand.✅

Video Transcript

It’s very important these days to create videos or create a brand strategy, targeted to people, wanting to work at your organization.

For one thing unemployment levels are very low so there’s a war for talent out there so you want to stand out.

And the second reason is because demographic changes. So we all know the story of how the Millennials and Generation X have surpassed surpassed the baby boomers, when it comes to who makes up the majority of the workforce.

And what Millennials or Generation X are looking for now is much more different than what baby boomers would look for in terms of for a job.

And just to explain just how important it is to have these talent branding here’s one of the co-founders — one of my clients that I work with at Vested

Andy Seidl (Co-Founder of Vested Technology)

So talent branding is really important in today’s market for candidates probably more than it’s ever been.

The reality is Millennials and Gen Z’s — they care more about the company than they do about the specific job.

Not to mention it’s a highly competitive market right now for candidates. It’s acandidate driven market.

If you’re not coming up with unique value propositions or some emotional appeal to why a candidate would want to come or beinterested in your opportunity or your company, other organizations that you’re competing with for talent are.

You’re at a significant disadvantage.

Most Millennials don’t just look for salary or benefits anymore. They look for mentoring. They look for a better environment. They look for.. they emphasize benefits far more than salary.

They look for company culture. So you have to be able to communicate these things to a typical millennial worker.

Back to Reggie Beltran

And the best way to do that is through video. If you look at Generation X and Millennials ninety percent of them have smartphones.

Even baby boomers… Boomers have I think 70 percent of them use smartphones and most people have smartphone these days… watch video on their phone.

If you’re an organization that’s serious about attracting the new workforce or attracting Millennials to work at your startup or work at your company then you definitely have to think about brand strategy and using video to promote your brand.

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