Why Video Is A Powerful Sales Tool

In this video, I discuss why video is the ultimate sales “person” –

Video is a sales game changer

A video transforms the way sales are conducted in a business.

Consider how humans experience time in general. 

As human beings, we are limited to 24 hours per day. Assume a typical person uses 12 hours to eat, sleep, socialize and go to the bathroom.

This leaves an average person 12 hours to conduct business.

Let’s say this person takes 1 hour to meet with clients and closes 50 percent of their meetings.

That means at most… This person is limited to six sales per day.

Hence, this person is bounded by time and can’t increase sales unless he or she hires another sales person (and pays their salary and benefits).

Now, consider the alternative in today’s digital world, where everyone has access to any website with their smartphone or tablet.

If you create a compelling sales video or set of videos that include:

  • Brand messaging
  • Why product is different and better than industry alternatives
  • Pricing
  • Instructions on how to order
  • Answers to common questions

Now, you’ve captured what would be discussed in a typical sales meeting into a digital asset. Upload this asset in any social media platform that has billions of active users.

Now, you have an indefinite asset that’s spreading the message about your brand and why your product is the greatest in the world. Moreover, you’re providing instructions on how to order or secure your services.

In essence, you’ve created a digital sales “person.”

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay salary or benefits to this video asset. It will work for you so long as it’s available to be seen on social media.

Finally, video is not bounded by time.

Video is the ultimate sales & marketing tool.

Anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime can watch your video and buy your product.

Unlike human beings, video can close multiple sales for your business in any given period of time.

This is why video is so poweful for sales, and why so many have thrived with virtual stores in Shopify or with Amazon fulfillment arrangements.

Others have build sales and e-commerce businesses by opening a YouTube channel. Take a look at a number of fitness gurus on YouTube.

Count how many of them sell protein powders, yet they don’t have actual brick and mortar stores.

What is their common tactic?

They use video to make sales. 

Video Transcript

If you have a video out there in the web – in the cloud  – or wherever

That means that someone in San Francisco, someone in New York, someone in Chicago

Someone in Sydney, someone in India.. can click on that video and watch it at the same time.

Now you can see how powerful video is… Video can have multiple users watching that 2 minute sales pitch

At any given point in time. This is very different to how a typical sales person with a 12 hour day

would go about their sales process. So if that person can only do one meeting per day and they have a 12 hour day 

They are limited to 12 people or 12 sales

But a video where anyone can access it at anytime at any place in the world…

…means you can sell a product or service at any point in time.

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