Why Every Business Needs Training Videos

In today’s digital world, technology has revolutionized many business processes. One of them is how education and on-going training programs are deployed within organizations.

In the past, the only way to get the entire company to listen to a guest speaker or a professor would be to bring them to a day long or week long conference. 

Lower costs with training videos

This would entail spending millions of dollars to organize the event, to hire the expert and to house all the employees at a designated location.

Today, that model has become outdated.

It’s cheaper to hire an expert for one day. Then create a series of training videos that can be watched by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Moreover, these video assets are forever. Store them in your organization’s network and any user now and in the future can access these educational videos to better themselves.

Better Engagement

It’s no coincidence that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. People enjoy watching videos. 

They would rather watch how something is done rather than read an article about the process.

Moreover, it’s much more convenient to watch videos in the comfort of one’s choosing.

Few people like sitting in a sterile, large conference room and listen to a five hour lecture. It’s much better to break up that same lecture into five 1-hour videos. Then the viewer can choose how much or how little they will watch in one viewing.

Track key metrics with training videos

Finally, videos are measurable. With video, you can track how long people watch each video, how much time is spent in one video versus another and if people are just skipping scenes to get to questionnaires or quizzes.

Just like on social media platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, your organization can track videos and create useful metrics.

These metrics can be used to fine tune the video training series or create a new series based on viewer feedback.

This is just another way how we help organizations leverage the power of video to improve their bottom line. Videos not only drive sales, but they can also be used to save costs.

Video Transcript

In the days past… in the ’80s and ’90s…

what would happen is a large organization would

hire a consultant, rent out a hotel for 2 days

and send their employees from all over the world

to have a conference in New York, in Times Square

in this hotel and spend millions on it.

Just to train them for 2 days.

But nowadays because of the power of video

Instead of just doing the training where

you send everybody to New York and pay millions

of dollars just to have this 2 day conference.

What you can do is hire that same consultant

or professor or teacher…

video tape that person for 1 day.

Create a 10 video series about whatever their expertise is.

And now what you have is a 10 video series

of whatever they’re trying to teach you.

So now you have a series of videos for training purposes.

You never have to have these conferences ever again.

You never have to spend millions just to send your

employees to Paris or NY for a 2 day event.

They could just watch these 10 video training series

at their desk whether they are in Hong Kong, Paris or NY.

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