What is a COVID Compliance Officer?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the world was moving at a high pace. There was less concern about viral diseases. When Covid-19 came, everything changed.

Now, we cannot imagine working without following safety protocols.

Thus, the Covid Compliance Officer role was born.

And what exactly does the Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) do?

The Covid Compliance Officer ensures all personnel in a film production follow national and local guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on set.

If you want to start your career in the field of Covid prevention, you have to complete some certifications in the institutes accredited by health organizations.

The person who ensures the safety of the crew is called a Covid compliance officer. These officers are crucial at the set of movie recordings.

Ensure all your video production projects are Covid compliant for the safety of everyone around you.

We can categorize the job responsibilities of these officers into three categories.

Communicate Covid protocols

There are a lot of Covid protocols designed by the World Health Organisation and other agencies. The Covid compliance officer has to keep all the protocols in mind and communicate them with the other crew members on the set.

The officer will inform the protocols to all the members that are working on the set and people who visit the set less often. The people who visit the set less often include the cleaning staff and drivers.

The compliance officer uses all the communication channels to communicate the details of the protocols. The first way is informing every member using a presentation or verbal communication.

The other way is to print the protocols and paste them on every wall near the working places of the crew members.

Ensure crew members follow protocols

The second category of the job responsibilities includes ensuring every crew member follows the protocols.

There will be no benefit of informing the protocols to everybody if no one is following them. Even if a single person show carelessness, it can become dangerous for a lot of crew members.

The Covid compliance officer can ensure that people are following all the protocols.

Social distancing

It is the most crucial thing ensured by the Covid compliance officer. On a movie set, people tend to come near to each other during the recording. At this phase, social distancing has to be compromised.

Actors are going to act naturally near to each other. Once the recording is finished, the compliance officer will ensure that everybody leaves the set and maintain 6 feet distance.

Wearing mask

It is essential to wear the mask these days because coronavirus can enter your nose by the mist produced by a sneezing or coughing person.

The Covid compliance officer will check the standard of the masks and the way people wear them. Guiding the crew members regarding the right way of wearing a mask is essential.


Every crew member should wash their hands every 20 minutes to ensure that no one gets sick due to the Covid.

The virus can stick to the doorknobs and enter the human body when someone touches their mouth or nose.

The Covid compliance officer will ensure that everybody has access to hand sanitizer and washing areas.

Entry protocols

Other than social distancing, the best way to ensure the safety of the crew members is to ensure the proper entry protocols.

The compliance officer is going to check the body temperature of every member upon entry to the site of recording. Before entering the premises, everybody should use hand sanitizer.

The Covid compliance officer can stay at the entrance when people are entering the set. This routine has to be followed every day so the compliance officer needs to stay at the recording site full-time.

Prevention of Covid spread

A compliance officer has to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. He has to recommend testing or quarantine for a certain crew member if he feels necessary.


The compliance officer is going to test the crew members regularly to check if they have contacted coronavirus. He has to take samples of the suspected crew members and give it to a lab to get the results. If a member has Covid, the compliance officer is going to start the quarantine protocols.


The compliance officer is going to check if a person needs to be quarantined. He will be responsible to tell the crew members if a quarantined person has recovered from the disease.

He will take samples from the Covid patients.

He will let everyone know if they can meet the previously Covid positive crew member after the quarantine period is finished.

Here at 2Bridges safety is paramount. When we provide videography services to our corporate clients, we follow all the Covid requirements to keep crew and talent healthy.

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