Top 10 Features Of 4K Drone Video Technology

Drones are cool, revolutionary and prepossessing. They make our jobs easier, quicker and involve less man power. It is a drone with a camera or a video recorder. Drone cameras are making their way through a lot of events that involve photography.

Some of them include Weddings, Nature Trips, Large Scale Events, Sports, etc.

In this article, I review the Top 10 Features of 4K Drone Video Technology which ensures HQ Video Recordings.

High Resolution:

A 4K Drone provides 3840 x 2160 resolution making it 4 times better that 1080p- which we usually think is a great resolution. But, guess what? We do have something better than that!

Focuses on Fine Details:

A 4K Drone captures images and picks up finer details. It can be said it is due to the resolution. Furthermore, it makes the picture more natural and pleasant to the eyes and does not require much editing.

Reduces Noise

The pictures you click are free of grains and when you zoom in on them, you are sure to get a crisp and clearer image with details intact. It is a fine device to use when the light is dull.

Stabilised Pictures

Since the 4K Drone does not vibrate too much, the pictures in aerial view are clear. There are no shakes and blurred prints. The gimble provides stability and thus, it enhances photographs.

Easy Control

The controls of the drone are very easy and basic. This will allow you to capture pictures and videos at the right time at the right angle. You will not have to regret losing a moment.

Can be Used as Spy Cams

With the 4K Drone Video Technology, the drones can be used as Spy cams or Dash Cams. Due to its excellent output, the pictures can be used as appropriate and clear evidences.

Furthermore, they make fairly less noise than other drones. They use such cameras in cars, Parking lots, Traffic signals, etc for better view of what’s happening.

Small Package Big Prize

The cameras are small and the pictures they click and the videos the shoot will definitely have you stunned. The pictures are sharp and accurate. It can record both horizontally and in portrait mode.

Frames per Second

You can choose between 30fps or 24fps. Both ways you are sure to get a good output-Crisp and Clear.

Easy Editing

The pictures are easier to edit and cropping becomes real easy. You will not find uneven borders or slanted picture effect.

Low Lighting Advantage

Finally, the 4K Drones capture amazing videos and pictures in low light too. This feature trumps all the other kinds of cameras. You get clearer pictures and distinct details in low light settings too.

The 4K Drone camera sure has a lot of benefits and trumps most of its counterparts. Try one and experience the drone by yourself and add to the list of advantages if we have missed any.

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