3 Reasons to Use Video Outstream Ads

Outstream video ads are all the rage when it comes to new video marketing trends sweeping marketers off their feet in 2021.

If you have not heard about it, then let me educate you on what they are and why you should be incorporating video outstream ads in your video marketing.

Traditionally, ads are placed into a video that is played via the website’s video player, either within the start, at the end, or somewhere in the middle of the publisher’s content.

On the other hand, video outstream ads run typically outside of this player and can pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, as you’re scrolling through the content on a website.

They are usually muted until the user clicks otherwise.

So why are outstream ads soaring in popularity and stealing headlines in the marketing world?

3 Reasons to use video stream ads

Here are three reasons why video outstream ads are effective

Outstream ads are less disruptive than contemporary video ads

Imagine sitting on a bench in the park, getting into your favorite magazine on a sunny day, your attention constantly stolen by people aggressively trying to sell you something.

You keep saying no but each seller is determined to offer paragraph after paragraph of why you should try whatever they’re selling.

The experience is anything but comforting and that’s how many describe their experience with instream ads, like constantly trying to swat away a bothersome fly that doesn’t know when to quit.

Users have to “endure” the mid or pre-video advertising so they can get on with what they truly intend to see, which means the ad won’t be as effective as the publisher intended.

They may even decide that the content isn’t worth the effort and move on to other things.

Outstream ads play quietly in the backdrop, beckoning the attention of the scroller, who’ll naturally be curious to learn what’s going on.

No more loud and sudden noises that send viewers fumbling for the pause button, scaring them to within an inch of a heart attack.

Just a quiet video in the distance, proving mysteriously appealing to not un-mute. The temptation to click on a silent video is as effective as the “no-touch” policy on items in a museum.

It’s overwhelming.

When the audience has the power to choose whether they’d like to see an ad or not, the user experience is improved, and more often than not, curiosity gets the better of them.

More viewership, less ad fraud, and everyone’s happy about it

The outstream video advertisement only plays when it’s entirely (100%) in the view of the reader.

It pauses when it’s about 50% out of sight or less.

When the viewer scrolls beyond the video, it halts and when they scroll back within range, it carries on from where it left off.

Consequently, advertisers will no longer lose sleep over whether or not ads are getting watched, as the advertisement only runs when someone is actually watching.

Ad fraud is among the biggest problems the marketing industry has had to deal with since the onset of the digital age.

Countless advertisers lose billions every year to unscrupulous agencies through a variety of underhand tactics aimed at doctoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Outstream ads are as fraud-proof as they come, leading the charge for concrete advertising, substantiated with proof that cannot be altered in any way.

In terms of viewership, statistics bring to light that outstream ads have more retainability, holding the attention of the viewers for an average 25% more than ordinary video advertisements.

That can also be attributed to the fact that they appear organic, like a related piece of the content as opposed to instream ads that can come off as disruptive instead of integrative.

Outstream ads also tend to get more views in total, and they enable all publishers to monetize ads regardless of whether or not they are the website video host.

Outstream ads are cheaper and can play across the board

Instream ads require a video player on the website to put them out to the audience, and they need to be reprogrammed each time in line with changing content.

Outstream video ads don’t require a video player to run and consequently are cheaper to make and maintain, as compared to instream video advertising, for example.

Most publishers and advertisers agree that the bidding cost for this format is a lot less than what they usually spend on other video ads.

In fact, depending on the agreement, parties can come up with an agreement where advertisements pay after a certain viewing duration, meaning advertisers also get more value for their buck.

These kinds of ads also have excellent flexibility in terms of website positioning against the editorial content.

With many innovative formats available to ensure a wide range of placement (you can position it in the center, to one corner, to one side, etc.), the advertiser can tweak the content as he or she sees fit.

This versatility also ensures flawless optimization across the board, as the content appears just as good on mobile as on a desktop PC.

The outstream video ad runs without hitch on different operating systems, browsers, and devices without needing to have a different version for each outlet, thereby minimizing cost once again.

With mobile devices now getting the lion’s share of traffic, and that fact only increasing with each waking day, the importance of seamless cross-platform ads cannot be overstated.

Are outstream ads the way to go?

We have seen so many video marketing trends come and go over the past decade, but outstream advertisements are certainly here to stay.

They enable high monetization, offer guaranteed viewership, are more affordable to make, and add a new dimension to storytelling, all the while appearing organic and related to the content.

More than 70% of agencies and advertisers are attesting to the power of outstream ads, acknowledging the higher engagement, click rates, and other improvements they bring to the table.

Consider outstream ads to bolster your marketing strategy and make it fire on all cylinders, or breathe life into a fading campaign.

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