How to Use Video Marketing for a Chiropractor

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article on video marketing, most people will remember 95 percent of the details of video content. That same percentage dwindles down to about 10 percent for text content.

It’s no wonder more businesses are using video for online marketing. What works for the restaurant industry will certainly work for any niche, including the chiropractor industry.

The chiropractic industry benefits heavily from this in-trend media. Patients often search for some sort of web presence when seeking out a chiropractic service. Video is among the top preferences, allowing service providers to give out dense information quickly. 

Only 1 out of 10 people would prefer to go over a page of text as opposed to watching a video. In other words, videos are 99% more effective and have immense power of engagement over text.

There are many other benefits to video marketing for your chiropractic business beyond that. Most importantly, it enables a relationship between a doctor and a first-time client to take off. People are generally more trusting of a business if there’s a face to the words. 

Video marketing sets the foundation for this trust. It enables the client to get to know the person on the other end of the screen better.

Video marketing can soar your chiropractic business into success.

If you’re wondering how you can make it work for your practice…

👉 Here’s how to get started for your chiropractor practice 

Put out a video message as the owner

You’re passionate about your business, undoubtedly. You’ve spent several years getting your chiropractic to where it is today and you’ve passed through bumps and hurdles along the way. It’s not been easy. 

It hasn’t been smooth sailing from start to present, or has it? 

Tell us your story! 

The owner’s perspective of his/her business is a great way to make friends with strangers. New clients will be drawn in by your accounts of events. They’d want to know you better before they make a decision.

Everyone likes a defying-the-odds story and it’s a great way to rally some support behind you. Take the audience through your life’s journey and why you do what you do. Maybe you got in the business for personal reasons. 

Maybe you had problems with lower back pains and after trying out various alternatives, you found a solution in chiropractic therapy. It could also be that you were inspired by a family member’s struggles and that you aim to help others in such shoes. 

You probably have a good reason you started the business. Don’t be shy of using it as emotional leverage. Speaking of which, if you donate to charity or are involved in any other community-uplifting projects, make it known to the audience. 

People are always motivated to try out a new service if they know some of the money they’re paying is targeted to a good cause.

In a nutshell, the owner’s video message should brief us about his personal life. It should also discuss the reason for starting the business and the difference you feel you make in peoples’ lives. 

Be sure to also mention what sets your chiropractic practice apart, e.g. quality, experience, pricing, range of service, etc.

As a point of reference, here’s my personal storytelling video about 2Bridges and myself:

Record a chiropractor session

You can let a client know what they’re in for by recording a chiropractor session. This tactic is called emotional marketing. It is a way of triggering interest in viewers by making them imagine receiving a service. Watching someone else get the therapy, helps picture themselves in that situation, getting the help they need. 

Moreover, the chiropractor industry is a popular niche on YouTube. People find it interesting to watch and hear the loud 📣 *CRACK* of bones and joints.

Here’s my personal chiropractor, Dr. Tirado, at work in his office:

And that’s the first step of action in any purchasing cycle. You’ll need to get the consent of the client who’s going on film. Alternatively, use one of your staff instead. An actual client is preferred though to capture that authentic feel of the experience.

The other great thing about recording a chiropractor session is that it allows you to show your quality of service and expertise. Throughout the video, have the chiropractor explain everything he does. This demonstration of skillfulness increases the audience’s confidence in your abilities. When you give a reason for every little action, it shows you know what you are doing. 

This recording allows you to create an atmosphere of professionalism and demonstrate a courteousness of service provision.

Furthermore, it helps viewers get to know their chiropractors better. The recorded session should also entail the latter working their qualifications and skillsets into the conversation. 

For example, that may include what schools they attended and how long they’ve been practicing. That recording also makes chiropractors seem more like a friend who viewers haven’t seen in a while than a stranger they know little about. New clients are likely to choose the former every time.

Make testimonial videos

You’ve told us all good things about your business and we love to hear that. However, the audience understandably considers the owner’s perspective biased. You may have all the nicest things to say about your chiropractic, but without testimonials backing you up, you’ll achieve little. 

Third-party opinions from people who’ve tried out your service are crucial to swinging clients your way. The importance of patients’ experiences cannot be overstated.

Think about it. Say you have neck pains you’ve been struggling with for a while. You’re on the interwebs ransacking for a solution. 

❓ What would you be looking for when considering chiropractic services? 

❓ Will it work for me? 

❓ Will I be able to move on with my life without this cloud hanging over my life? 

Testimonial videos are an excellent way to answer yes. Your regulars come back for a reason. Encourage them to share why they love the place!

A good testimonial video formula entails first the patient describing what life was like before treatment. Maybe her vision was limited to a certain range because of the way the whiplash restricted her head movement. 

❓ How has the treatment made her life better? 

❓ What doubts did she have at the start of the process? 

❓ Does the therapy hurt? 

❓ How long will it take to get results? 

The video should also encompass such aspects. It should answer questions that a first-time, prospective customer would have about the process. Additionally, by creating a montage of multiple resolved issues through testimonial videos, you can also show your chiropractic’s range of expertise.

As a reference, here’s a few testimonial videos I’ve produced for a Manhattan doctor. Check them out HERE

And watch one below 👇👇👇

Notice how we used a variety of patients for the testimonials. There’s a testimonial from a 72 year old patient and another in her mid-twenties. They all had different back issues, and they all received excellent care from the doctor.

Add a face and voice to your business

In the past, all you needed was a big, glorious listing in this 👇

However, in today’s digital world, your business would not exist very long, if all you had was a listing in the white page phone book.

You need a digital equivalent to help potential patients find your chiropractor business location. This is where video comes in.

Video adds a face and voice to your business. The name of your business.. The address… are just text words. It doesn’t give a good understanding of the man or woman behind the chiropractor practice.

Video allows you to do just that. You can talk about your philosophy and your approach to fixing people’s backs. Video allows you to showcase your skills. Video lets you show off your professional, pristine office.

Video lets you stand out on the Internet, where anyone, anywhere can find you anytime.

Follow the basic steps on how to use video to market your practice in this article. Then you’ll be on your way.

Finally, CONTACT US when you’re ready to leverage video for your marketing needs. Protection Status