How to Use Animation Videos for Business

An animation video consists of animations generated by computer tools or hand to realize cartoony motion pictures. It combines aesthetically-pleasing visuals that pass the intended message in a grasping and compelling way. 

This kind of video typically consists of virtually generated visual effects and is accompanied by a voice-over to fill in the speech. Animation videos offer many benefits to traditional videos. It serves as an excellent tool in video marketing.

Notably, these types of videos do better in terms of average watch time and boost sales by approximately 40% more. They can increase conversion by up to twice, and improve SEO success. In general, video ads offer superior ROI than image ads.

Given their more engaging nature, animated videos increase visitor stay time on your website. This metric directly has a hand in your search rankings.

Ads are everywhere these days. On social media, texts, emails, people just can’t seem to catch a break. You don’t want your marketing videos to be just another boring ad presenting facts in mundane fashion. Another ad that people scurry to get away from or have to endure. 

You want your marketing to be entertaining and something that audiences would want to watch a second time. Maybe even share with friends. Animation videos offer this appeal. They enable you to deliver your entertaining content, while educating your customers about your company’s products and services.

There are many ways businesses can implore animation videos to meet their needs. Animation videos make for great explainers and tutorials, for instance. They beckon an immersive technique of storytelling. 

Here’s how to make animation videos work for your business:

3 tips on using video for your business

Cartoon spokesperson like Snoopy for MetLife

Snoopy worked wonders for MetLife in terms of putting the insurance company on the map. The beloved member of the Peanuts helped the company soar to new heights in a decades-long partnership. He is a testament to the power of animation videos and having a cartoon spokesperson leading your marketing campaigns.

The insurance industry was famously boring before snoopy came in. He gave the insurance giant a new outlook that set them apart from the competition. Additionally, Snoopy infused an approachability and friendliness that spoke to the masses. A cartoon spokesman can bring all of these and more to the table.

A cartoon spokesperson

You too can borrow a leaf from MetLife’s strategy and fashion a cartoon spokesperson for your business. One reason cartoon characters are so effective in marketing is that they are easily customizable to represent your target audience. 

They don’t represent a certain nationality, race, or age. Moreover, a cartoon character easily grows on audiences as opposed to human ones. It’s easier to feel affection for one, and more importantly, they turn the tedious or boring into exciting. They are also more share-worthy.

A cartoon spokesperson also speaks to the subconscious mind in a way that gives your ad an air of safety and warm nostalgia. When you see cute cartoon characters, you often think back to your carefree childhood days. 

A time when everything was rosy and life was all rainbows and sunshine. A cartoon spokesperson transmits this positivity to your campaign, making ads not only appealing but also trustworthy.

Animation videos are excellent educative tools

Did you know that your brain processes images much faster than it does text

A recent study found out that visual learning is the way to go. The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. So, if you’d like to break down a complex topic in a way that is memorable and fun, animation videos are the way to go. 

They bring a satisfaction and simplicity that would have otherwise needed thousands of words to capture. What’s more, they are appealing across age divides as well. They speak just as much to young people as they do to older generations.

What to show in your video

If you need to educate your market on how to use a product or explain some other concept that may not be too interesting, animation videos can spruce up things. Explainer or tutorial videos aren’t the most-watched. Many companies make the process so fact-oriented and the experience boringly feels like classroom work.

Animation videos offer an opportunity to divert from that trend, making tutorial videos that people are bound to love. They bring an enthusiasm and memorability that more contemporary videos can’t quite match.

As a business, your product or service makes your client’s life easier in some way. Instead of telling it, showing real-life instances of its usefulness through animation cements the concept. A topic that would take hours to listen to or read may be simplified into a 60-second animated skit.

Animation videos make for unique entertainment as well

Marketing strategies serve the primary purpose of, well, marketing. However, potential customers should always be a priority. 

And what do people watching videos on the interwebs like more than anything else? 

Getting entertained! Your marketing shouldn’t feel too serious. It should be molded in an inviting and fun way that people can look forward to. As much as marketing should be informative, it should be entertaining as well. 

Animation videos can do this for you. You can easily make them funny and light-hearted. And that brings us to the next point.

How to entertain with your animated film

When making animation videos, you have an opportunity to shape the personality of your brand. How do you want your business to be known going forward? You’ll certainly want people thinking about you when they need a place to relax and let loose. 

Comedy is the most popular form of entertainment. Laughter stimulates the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormone that rids stress and makes us happy. Therefore, don’t be afraid to show your business’ funny side.

You can build a reputation and following off of humorous animation videos that may not even have to necessarily always market your business. The traffic rewards will more than make up for your efforts. That said, be sure to always have a hint of your company trademark somewhere in the video.

This may be in the form of company logos somewhere on the screen and brand colors for characters or settings. That way people will always know who’s responsible for keeping them entertained and maybe curious to find out more about your business. Protection Status