How to Make a Free GIF Video

Have you ever spend time after time, going from website to website claiming that they can show you how to make a legitimate GIF video?

Then to only find out you haft to pay $39.95 for a program and also find out you spent 3 hours downloading programmes and nothing works?

I’m going to give you a detailed description on how to make one of these, save time and money and tell you which programs to use and how!

GIFs are a great way to help with your video marketing with the help of an awesome video camera.

This description will be based on a example video, let’s say a YouTube vid.

Ok so for example and remember this is just an example and works for anything and everything, so let’s say your a hockey player and your part of a forum, a forum dedicated solely to hockey players ( for those who do not know and aren’t awear your allowed a signature which can either be text, link to a video, picture or a relooping video(GIF) ) and you want to be recognized as having the coolest signature ?

Here’s how, as I mentioned earlier we will take a video from youtube, for example a hockey player scoring a goal or making a big hit or just doing something fantastic with the puck and you want that particular play to be you signature as a relooping video, replaying itself over and over.

Here’s what you need:

1- Download “Youtube downloader” software

Search it on Google, find it, download it, run it!

2- Enter the link to the video to which you want to download and do it !

It should download in FVL format, dont worry we’ll cnvert it later

3- Next what you want to do is convert your video.

Here’s where it let’s a little tricky and situations can vary.

What to do: go to Google and type “Convert FVL to AVI” and select a program…now if your doing a one time video it is very easy to find a trial version which will let you convert one video..other websites will limit you, other websites will do any amount of vids for free!…

I can’t specifically say which because as I said it varies. So find one, pick one and download it, afterwards follow the instructions given to convert ! It’s extremely simple and shouldn’t take more then 5 min.

4- Power up the Windows Movie Maker

Any up to date system will have this program. So run it and import your converted video. They offer very easy instructions on how to use, play with it get to know it better and it becomes easy to use. Pick that special play you want, set it at the timeline at the bottom of windows movie maker.

After that you will click the arrow under the video once, after each click, save photo…repeat this process until your special play has begun and finished, it can be time consuming but it is the easiest most efficient way and is also a very good video quality.

5- Next you will need a program called Photobie

This is free and easy to use, Google it and download it. Once it is up and running import your photos and they should all be in order, then what you want to do is click on. 

Open photo selective current panel, this will allow you too adjust how fast or how slow you want your video to run from photo to photo. Once that is done save it and voila your GIF is complete and you are almost done!

6- Go to Giphy

Register for free and click on upload a video, find your video and import it, this will allow you a link in which you can upload in your signature box on your forum and thats it your done !

Results may vary but 9/10 times it i completely successful, free and easy !

If there are any questions please leave a comment in the designated area and I will help you with any trouble you are having. Remember this was just an example and could be used to run photos off your computer ( similar to a digital photo frame ).

I will also be posting videos in the ner future please add me as a publisher and recommend me and keep track of what I post, thanks 🙂

Enjoy !!! 🙂 Protection Status