How to Make a Father’s Day Video Scrapbook

Gather Your Memories

The first step to making a video scrapbook for Father’s Day is to gather the memories that are going to be included in this digital memory.

Video clips from childhood, pictures to be made into a slide show, music, or a video clip of a memory for mom are only a few of the things that can be included.

Once all of these memories are in place, it will give you an outline of everything you wish to include in the video and allow you to have a plan.

Incorporate Written Aspects

Consider writing a note, and taking a video of the note. You could also use an image of this note as a DVD Cover or the face of the DVD.

This will make concrete memories digital, and be in her mind forever. Written notes are a perfect way to add that personal touch to the already very personalized video. Consider reading the note aloud while the image is one the screen for a moment that will touch her heart.

Find the Perfect Soundtrack

There should be music on the video. Consider choosing a favorite song of your Father, a favorite song of yours, or a song that makes you think about the relationship that you have with your Father.

There are an abundance of websites that offer the perfect song choices for Fathers, or any types of video. As well, songs can be edited and shortened so only a portion of the song is heard. This is the perfect way to find the exact expression of what is to be said within the video.

Plan What Is to Be Said

It is a good idea to outline some sort of script so that everyone involved knows what they are going to say.

The script should come from the heart, and be created personally by each individual. Use this outline as a guide for the video and it also help to piece it together and create a timeline.

Include a Short Slideshow

Use family pictures and memories to create images digitally and include a slideshow of these images on the Father’s day video. You could use pictures, or images of notes, or images of things that have to do with the daily life, or the relationship between your Father and you.

These images could have a secret meaning, or a bond or importance just between the two of you and make the video have even more significance.

Include Childhood Family Videos

Windows Movie Maker is so user friendly that creating splices of videos that are to be included is easy – you could contrast the past with the present, and the present with the future. He will be sure to cherish these memories always – and it will also help in rekindling these thoughts and making the memories new again.

Choose the Right Video-Editing Software

Video editing software is very consumer friendly of late and can be purchased for as little as thirty dollars, or downloaded as a trial version. Software can be used to cut, paste, add in clips or special effects to without breaking the bank, or taking up too much time.

There are many things that you could include in the video but the most important aspect is to have it come from the heart. Be sure to record the date of the video, and Father’s Day – and he will have memories to cherish year after year.

Photo by Sabine van Straaten on Unsplash Protection Status