How to Create a Transition Using the Sun

In this video, guest writer/cinematographer Sean Alami shows us how he creates a nice transition using the sun.

If you’re a working video production professional or use video marketing to promote your clients business, it’s important to create catchy videos.

According to some research, you only have 2.5 seconds to catch the attention of a typical social media user on any platform.

So it’s important to go after that cinematic style for all your marketing, wedding and branding videos.

Video Transcript

Not every videographer or creator feels the same, but from me transitioning from one shot to the next with just a simple cut doesn’t really tickle my fancy. And I know most of you feel the same.

Introducing the next shot to my viewers in a seamless fashion where you don’t notice a cut, is just really exciting to me.

Let that be a Seamless transition ,a Match Cut, Gradient wipe and etc.

Using transitions like these from time to time in my work, not only adds a cherry on top but makes me think harder about the way I am planning to present my work.

In a way it forces me to choose not the easy way out, rather a challenging route.

And generally when you do end up thinking more before a task and when you plan ahead, you end up with more rewarding results.

Seamless Transition has been trending in the online filmmaking community for the past couple of years. And I am just like the rest of you guys, a kid at a candy store who is overwhelmed with all these exciting tools. And it has been a learning experience for me ever since I started to have my transitions be a little bit thoughtful than normal.

But I also have to say there is a fine line between using this technique the right amount and the most effective way rather than it being overused. We all have seen it often. (Specially in all these travel videos)

The most famous one of them are the directional seamless transitions. Where the shot exits into a direction, and it cuts to It entering from the same direction. With a little bit of motion blur, you have yourself a seamless transition.

This is mostly achieved with an in camera movement, but because of it being so popular people have made presets where you can achieve almost the same effect in post.( remember I said almost)

And for some of us almost is nowhere near perfect.

But Don’t worry, I am not here to bore you with something you already might know or have used before.

The transition I am here to share with you is a unique one.

I like to call it the Sun seamless transition.

Almost every great outcome is the result of a thoughtful and planned ahead process. With this effect, it is the most effective, when you apply it and think about it when you are shooting your video.

Are you ready ?

Let’s get to it;

The way This transition works best is, when you have the Sun or a strong source of light in your perspective shining directly at your lens.

Next; You either need to be moving with your camera or to have an object/Talent moving in your shot to block the sun or that strong light source.

After when the sun hides itself from your camera lens behind an object. The transition happens when she shows herself and the light hits the lens creating a beautiful flare.

That is when you cut to your next shot.

We’re almost there,

In your next shot you need to have the Sun in your perspective again.

This time though; you start the shot with the sun already hitting the lens…

and walla

You have Magic.

Have a look at the video below and let me show you in a visual demonstration.

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About the Author

Born in Tehran, Sean Alami grew up in Vancouver and now lives in Bonn, Germany for the past decade. He’s involved in photography, videography and editing for about 15 years. His favorite camera is the Sony a7siii for video. He’s a life-long fan of Adobe Premier. Follow him Instagram @seanalami. Protection Status