How Lego Killed It With Video

In this case study, I show you how Lego transformed their company using video.

It wasn’t long ago that analysts proclaimed all brick and mortar companies would die a quick death in the new digital age.

Lego seemed like a prime candidate for that as it literally was a company that made plastic bricks. However, they transformed themselves as they fully embraced the digital age and used video to reach their target market.

Everything from Hollywood films to how-to educational videos on YouTube, Lego became a masterclass study of how companies can transform themselves through effective video marketing.

Video Transcript

So in this video I’m gonna talk about a case study of a company who absolutely killed it when it comes to video.

And this company I’m talking about is LEGO. Back in 2000, at the turn
of the millennium the biggest thing was that brick-and-mortar businesses was going to die.

If you were related to anything like to brick and mortar, your business model was not going to be very successful in the new digital era. And this was definitely the case if you look at the case for blockbuster and how Netflix basically killed off Blockbuster.

If you look at Napster first and then eventually Apple music and other music services. They were able to kill off Tower Records.

Nobody wanted to go to a store anymore. It’s far more easier to go to Amazon and shop digitally. Well Lego was in the same situation.

Lego is literally a plastic BRICK!

One would think that a company a toy company certainly that makes money off creating plastic bricks would not make it in a digital world.

And in the early 2000s, Lego did have a lot of financial issues and they did struggle.

In order to survive Lego realized that it had to shift its strategy. They realized that their main core target market which is kids was becoming
more digital as the millennium rolls on.

So they realize that in order to survive they need to focus more on creating
digital products and focus more on content around video and that’s exactly what they did.

They did this in two ways. They basically killed it in two ways.

The first thing is you make content off entertainment and this is why Lego if
you go into their YouTube you can see a lot of videos are for entertainment

They make a lot of educational videos and also make them entertaining.

Also a great example would be the narrative films that they make. Lego Batman. Lego Star Wars. Lego Indiana Jones.

So basically they rebranded themselves. And they were able to attract that core target segment that they were looking for which is you know the young the young generation that is more focused on digital.

So that’s why they created the narrative movies.

So the second thing they did is educational content. If you look at their YouTube channel. You see a lot of videos a lot of educational videos. Some of the videos you see is how do volcanoes work, how the cars work, how do motorcycles work.

And they make these educational videos using Lego as a centerpiece or the main characters of those videos.

Something clicked for them and they understood that the world is becoming more digital. They understood that everyone or at least the core segment that they’re targeting which is kids are becoming much more digital.

And they realize that kids love to play video games. Kids love to watch movies on their iPads the it’s you know kids these days are becoming younger in terms of when they can get a smartphone.

And all of them wants to watch you know watch movies. They want to play video games.

They want anything to do with video and consume content of video. And in order to survive, Lego realized that in order to be the premiere toy company they have to move with their target market and that’s why they leverage video.

And Lego is an a great example of a company that really killed it with video. Protection Status