How Do You Film Your Day?

Jasmixelli, Tanya Burr, and Zoella are among YouTubers who have successfully led the way on how to vlog.

They do it daily taking the audience around what life is like in their shoes. Vlogging is an essential component of video marketing on YouTube.

Daily vlogging entails showing viewers the highlights of your day. 

You take them on a journey of what it is like to be you from the moment the sun goes up to when it goes down, and maybe even after. 

A good daily vlog doesn’t cover everything from dawn till dusk though. It is well crafted and packed into a captivating package, kind of like a highlight reel.

❓ Would you like to get in on the fun? 

❓ Are you thinking about starting a career as a vlogger? 

❓ Perhaps you fancy becoming an influencer?

Then you’ve probably wondered what it takes to be a star. ⭐

Luckily, starting a vlog doesn’t take much experience or resources. With a good camera, basic camera skills, and a mildly eventful life, you have what you need to get going.  

You can even begin vlogging with a good-quality smartphone.

3 Ways to Film Your Day

Have a plan before filming

Will you be going to the park today on your way home? Where will you hang out for lunch? Who will you talk to or see? 

All these and more are aspects you need to factor in when drawing up your plan for the day. The more detailed it is, the better your chances of success. Rarely everything ever goes as planned. If you’re worried about the day lacking serendipitous moments, don’t. 

The universe has a way of doing that for you. Additionally, try as much as possible to restrict your filming to the daytime. If you record into the night, you’ll probably have to stay up late editing. You’ll get up late tomorrow and your schedule will be compromised.

Planning is key to pulling off a daily vlog that people will want to keep coming back to. Although daily vlogging is supposed to be as natural as can be, a plan is necessary to add excitement to the highlights. You’ll probably need a script but keep it short. 

Life’s not a movie, but unadulterated life can be boring. Simply write down key points you may want to record or talk about then go with the flow.  

Planning out your cuts also goes a long way. However, keep the planning process short and to the point.

Today is just a single day. You’ll need to be filming again tomorrow. So done is better than perfect.

Luckily, once you’ve come up with a good planning template, you can mold subsequent days from it, only taking out or adding what you need as you go along.

Speaking of which, it also helps to use editing shortcuts, hotkeys, presets, and templates. Editing will take up a big chunk of your time. 

To alleviate that, streamline the process by easing editing with presets for what you use every day.

You’ll need to get familiar first with your editing software so you don’t spend too much time on the process when you start your vlog. 

Show your process

💭 So… How do you actually do the filming?

Well, by actually doing it. With a plan in place, your camera fully charged, key points in hand, it’s time to make your life’s movie. Most people generally begin their vlog in the morning.

Here’s an example of a day-in-life video of an NYU student:

If you’re considering attending film school (specifically NYU), then this video is immensely valuable. You get to see what it’s like to wake up, and attend classes at NYU.

It’s this mix of entertainment, candidness and information that you’ll need in your video. 

Step by step process to make your video

Start by introducing their channel and themselves. It’s best to avoid clichés like “Welcome to my vlog.” Something along the lines of a simple pleasantry and a hint of what is to come is recommended. 

Or you can start out with a pattern interrupt. It’s a powerful way to draw your potential viewers to continue watching. Here’s a more detailed write-up on using pattern interrupts.

Next, reel your audience in by telling us how you slept or by taking us through breakfast. This introduction phase could also feature a showing of what you plan to wear today and why. 

Maybe you’ll be hitting the beach later on and so you need loose-fitting attire, for instance.

When you go out don’t forget to vlog how you got there. If you’re driving yourself, position cameras to capture inside the car and outside the windshield. That way, the audience isn’t left behind and you never know, you may stumble upon an exciting moment. 

Even if you’re taking some form of public transportation, don’t be afraid to shoot. Your smartphone likely has an amazing camera. No one will stop you from using your phone to make b-roll video.

Also, give updates on what’s happening before they do. If you’re going for lunch, tell us where you’re about to eat. Explain why you like the place, etc. When inside, give the viewers a sneak peek and affirm what you love about the restaurant.

Wrap up the day by bidding the audience goodbye and inviting them to hang out on your next video. You could dangle the next adventure as an incentive. 

For example, you could say, “So that’s my day, in a nutshell, tell me about yours in the comments. I’ll see you guys next time, bright and early. We’ll be meeting lions at the zoo! Have a good night!” etc. 

Interview people around you

Your blog won’t always be about you. It’s impossible to keep things interesting if you’re constantly the lone act. The people you meet or interact with on the daily spice up your vlog. 

A great example is to review a YouTuber named “bald and bankrupt.” He’s a Russian Brit who travels around the world. He often interviews people he meets, like in this video —

People around you can give the video an extra dimension of personality, which is great from a third-party perspective as human beings are typically social creatures. 

We love to meet new people and figure out what they’re all about. New people offer new and different experiences. That’s why we love social media so much.

If you’re comfortable bringing your family into the mix and vice versa, give the viewers a peek of what life is like in the household. Maybe you fight over who gets to go to the bathroom first, argue with a sibling who hogs the shower, etc. 

You may not know it, but family offers comedy gold that could make you famous. You’d be surprised at how many people will find your family hilarious though it may not seem that way to you.

Beyond the family dimension, introduce your audience to your vlog regulars. If a mischievous best friend will be your partner in crime for most vlog adventures, let’s get to know them.

📹 Show the audience where they live, tell us how you meet, how long you’ve known each other, etc. 

Let us feel the depth of the relationship so we’re invested emotionally in the experience. Strangers you bump into also make for great interviews sometimes. 

Slice of your life

Think of your day-in-life video as a slice of life film about you.

A slice of life is a realistic portrayal of a very niche-specific part of society. Earlier I mentioned the vlog about the NYU student. I also mentioned bald and bankrupt and how he focuses on little known Eastern European countries like Belarus.

If you’re a plumber, a farmer, a chiropractor… then you have a world that many people have heard of. But…

It’s something they know very little about. This is your chance to reach out to this audience and show them your unique world. Show them with a day-in-life video about your part of the world.

I guarantee there’s an audience out there for your slice of life. Follow the 3 steps on how to film your day mentioned above and you’ll be on your way.

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