Great Movies that Would Make Great Video Games

They made their mark on the big screen as well as the little screen in Hollywood.

But what if gaming developers gave them the chance for players to interact in them?

See how films like “Halloween” and “The Stand” could make great video games.

Here’s the list of movies that would look cool as video games


In 1997, director Vincenzo Natali brought us the sci-fi mystery thriller that is “Cube”, a film about a bunch of random strangers who find themselves trapped in an enormous rubix-like cube that runs 26 rooms up and across.

The catch is that some of these rooms are booby trapped and it’s up to them to determine which are and aren’t as they struggle to find the exit.

The result was an independent masterpiece. Now picture a video game based around the film and told from a third person adventure-like perspective (think “Tomb Raider” meets “Saw” in a sense).

Players will have to work their way through each room, using the numerical equations in the doorways to determine which rooms are booby trapped or not, they will also have to deal with the character’s depleting hunger and thirst as they try to find an exit, as well as beware of any crazed strangers who may be lurking about.

“Hard Rain”

This highly underrated yet highly entertaining aquatic action thriller is centered around an armored truck guard who finds himself protecting a bag of $3 million from a small group of thieves who won’t stop at anything to pursue him. And they do so through an evacuated town that is flooding to the brim due to a massive rainstorm.

Jet skis, explosions, gunfights, flooded streets and buildings — Sounds like the best ride in the park, doesn’t it? How’s about a third person shooter adaptation of the film?

Complete with action, swimming, problem-solving, plenty of weapons to choose from, and an open-world sandbox-like environment like “Grand Theft Auto”.

“Alien Trilogy” (The Remake)

Now, there was a video game adaptation of all three “Alien” films back in the mid 1990’s for the Playstation console, however, I beg to differ — it simply didn’t do the movies justice.

That game contained first person shooter adaptations of each film which doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it. First person shooters are games like “Doom” and “Call of Duty”, it’s a very action-orientated mode of play. “Aliens” meshes very well with this, but “Alien” and “Alien 3”?

Now that’s a different story. Therefore, in order to do the films justice, a remake of the “Alien Trilogy” game should go something like this — The first chapter, “Alien”, will be in the form of a point-and-click adventure like the “Myst” games; “Aliens” should be a first person shooter like “Call of Duty”; last but not least, “Alien 3” should be an RPG like “Fable” or “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”.

Stephen King’s “The Stand”

Who could possibly forget Stephen King’s very own personal ‘Lord of the Rings’-like horror epic that is “The Stand”?

Set in modern day, “The Stand” is basically a tale of good vs. evil in which a superflu virus wipes out 99.9% of the world’s population within a week’s time and the survivors are split into two — One side is drawn to an Anti-Christ-like figure in Las Vegas while the other side is drawn to a heavenly old woman in Colorado.

A video game version of “The Stand” could work if it were in the form of an MMORPG (Multi-Massive Online Role-Playing Game) in the vein of “World of Warcraft” for instance. Players will have the freedom to roam an enormous global environment in a post-superflu epidemic Earth that is in ruins and littered with corpses and boxed-in highways.

Players will also have the freedom to choose whether they want to side with the good or the evil and engage in various battles.


How would you feel about stepping into the shoes of Michael Myers himself? This is where “Grand Theft Auto” meets “Splinter Cell” but with a horror feel to it.

Play as Michael Myers, sneak around an open-world version of Haddonfield as you quietly hunt down your victims, eavesdrop on the authorities as they try to hunt you, switch between first person or third person views as you please.

The game would also encourage stealth but not enforce it.

And did I mention that the creepy soundtrack of the first two films would be included?

Just picture it. Protection Status