3 Content Ideas for Video Streaming

Creating content for video streaming is a fantastic idea.

People love to watch content, so it is a brilliant way to get your message out there or even build up a rapport with people.

Further, Covid-19 has altered how video is produced.

More and more people have opted for virtual streaming to provide video content.

The problem you face isn’t so much the idea of coming up with the idea to stream videos, it is more coming up with ideas for content.

We have a few suggestions for you on this page.

Here are the 3 top content ideas for your next podcast

Live Stream a Podcast

Do you have a podcast?

Brilliant! As you may well know, having a podcast is great for connecting to people.

It is also an awesome way to share your knowledge or experiences.

Since you already have a podcast in place, why not double up on the content that your podcast produces?

All you need to do is record your podcast with a camera. You can either broadcast it live, or you can upload it to a video streaming platform after.

The result is that you will now have two great pieces of content, targeted at two different markets, but only had to do a fraction more work than you would normally do.

Q&A Session

If you run a business, have special knowledge about something, or want people to get to know you a little bit better, why not stream a Q&A session?

The idea is that shortly before you record your video stream (preferably a week or two before), you reach out to people and ask if they have any questions.

You then take a couple of these questions and record some answers on video. You can also run a Q&A session live i.e. ask people to ask questions in a live chat and you can answer that way.

However, it can be difficult to keep track of things if you make popular content.

Try to take the most useful questions or the ones that seem to get asked a lot.

Don’t forget to mention who asked the questions. Draw up a list beforehand, as well as a brief overview of what you want to talk about.

Try to ensure that your Q&A session is as useful as it possibly can be.

This is quick and easy content to make. However, it has a couple of benefits too.

Obviously, you will have the people that asked questions ‘tuning in’ to see whether their question gets answered.

If it is, then they will love it. They will feel that you have noticed them and really cared about them.

This is great if you are running an online business. This is exactly how you want your customers to feel!

The major benefit is the fact that you have now created a very useful piece of content and it didn’t take that much effort.

Useful content gets shared long after the video has been recorded. In fact, if you record a popular Q&A video, then it could be shared (and generating you cash) for years and years to come.

If you head to YouTube and look at some of the most popular Q&A videos you will see that many of them were recorded years ago but still seem to be getting thousands of hits to this day.

Behind The Scenes Vlog

Want people to understand your life or the way that you run your business a little bit better?

Why not create a ‘Behind the Scenes’ vlog? Again, quick content to make since you don’t really have to be doing anything extra.

You just go about your day-to-day life, albeit while you have a camera in your face.

People love this type of content because it allows them to gain insight into the life of somebody or a business that they enjoy.

It helps to build up that rapport, which is exactly what you want when you are creating content for video streaming.

Obviously, some of this content may need to be edited heavily. We can’t imagine that people will want to be watching hours and hours of a ‘Behind the Scenes’ vlog.

Edit it into about 10-15-minutes. Have it cover the main highlights of your day. It will gain viewers like crazy.


Remember, this is just a small smattering of ideas for people that want content for video streaming.

All of these ideas should be easy to implement because they are basic pieces of content. You don’t really have to go out of your way to create content using any of the ideas here.

Make something decent, and we promise you that you will get views.

This could lead to business or subscriptions. It depends on why you are looking for viewers in the first place.

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