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Hi welcome to the first episode of a series I call Answerthepublic where I answer questions or queries that people have.

If you don’t know what is answerthepublic, check out their website at

It’s a lot like Google or bing. It has a search bar where you can input queries you might have about any topic you’re interested about.

It then generates questions around that topic. These questions are based on popular queries people are typing into the search engines.

It’s a great tool because one – it’s free. Two – it’s a great way to get topics about what to write if your a blogger or give you ideas for your next YouTube video.

In this series, I’ll focus on questions people have when it comes video marketing. 

This is my niche and my team specializes in video production for companies and brands looking to leverage video for brand awareness or lead generation.

Now I’m not promising I’m the expert in these topics. I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability as a full time, working video producer in New York.

So the first question on this list that all of you are dying to know apparently is this —

Where is video marketing?

At first glance, it seems this query is looking for location and video marketing. But it’s worded in broken english. (use text “brokenglish”?)

If I was looking for video marketing, the proper term would be “where can I find video marketing near me”. 

Or simple video marketing near me.

Just a quick thing, if you are in the New York Tri State area. Contact me for all your video marketing needs. 

So I went ahead and typed in where is video marketing in Google to get a feel for search intent and see what Papa Google thinks this term means.

The results is everywhere – it seems even Google is not 100 percent certain of the search intent for “what is video marketing”.

You have everything from the Ultimate Guide to Video marketing to what is video marketing to How to get started with video marketing.

The closest thing that makes sense is the blog article from impactbnd titled –

Where is video marketing going in 2019 and beyond…

I’ll share the link to this article in the description below. So the article is mostly statistics and a fancy schmancy looking infographic.

Which is probably why they are ranking so high on Google.

That and because they have 241 links to the article.

I won’t read the article for you so I’ll do a quick recap

Basically its saying video is where it’s at going forward when it comes to marketing.

  • 70 percent of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video
  • 72 percent of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate
  • 52 percent of consumers say that watching a product video helps them make purchasing decisions
  • 65 percent of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39 percent call a vendor after viewing a video.

All in all – the stuff they talk about I agree with.

I’m in the business of videos and the main reason I can make a living off of it is because business owners are starting to understand that video is the thing they need.

There’s a Cisco study that says 80 percent of the Internet will be video in 2022 – that’s just in 2 years!

So yes – I agree with impactbnd when they say video is where it’s at. 

Now going back to the question at the top of the video:

Where is video marketing going? (use graphic)

It’s taken over the Internet and will continue to be the dominant form of media.

So there you have it… the public has asked and I (and impactbnd) has answered your question.

I’ll keep going down this list of hot questions you people have on video marketing.

Unless someone in the comments below want me to cover something specific, the next question I’ll cover is where to use video marketing.

Thank you for watching.

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