AnswerThePublic – What are advantages to video marketing

In this video, I answer the query “What are advantages to video marketing”.

This is episode 3 of my series where I answer popular queries as deemed by the website AnswerThePublic on the topic of using video for brand awareness.

I list two advantages to using video marketing in 2020 and beyond.

First, a video is a very scalable media medium. You can extract the audio, still photographs and the video itself. These can then be used for the various social media profiles of many businesses.

Still photographs can go on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The video itself can go on IGTV, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube/Vimeo. Finally, the audio can be used to create a podcast.

These audio files from the video can then be uploaded to SoundCloud, PodBean or other popular podcast hosting websites. Second, video is voice search friendly.

Research has shown that voice search is becoming more relevant in SEO. So creating content delivered by voice is important to stay relevant in search engine marketing.

Video is an excellent way to make your brand or business stand out in voice search. With video, you not only get the visual elements, but you also deliver the content with audio.

Hence, videos are an excellent medium to deliver content because of its visual and audio elements. Video marketing is a crucial part of any Internet marketing strategy.

If you are not leveraging video, then most likely your competition is. So stay on top of your competition and make videos to stay on top of the search engines.

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Reggie Beltran and I am a film producer and owner of 2Bridges Productions, based in New York City.

And in this video to talk about the advantages of using video marketing. And this video is part of a long-running series in which I answer the public’s burning questions when it comes to video marketing. If you don’t know AnswerThePublic definitely check it out.

It is It is a very useful tool especially if you’re into search engine search engine marketing or digital marketing in general.

So going to the topic going back to the topic in hand —

What is the advantage of using video marketing?

The first advantage of using video marketing is this a very very scalable process. So when you create the video you can extract the audio and create a podcast so that’s the audio.

You can extract still images from the video itself and that becomes your photos. Then you can take the video itself put into

You can get a video transcript and you get the text from the video which then it turns becomes a blog post. So when you use video in your marketing you can really scale your content. You can produce multiple versions of that same content and distribute it to the different social media channels.

And this is very important especially if you’re into digital marketing because there’s so many different places where you can market your business nowadays.

So you have Instagram where you can upload photographs. You have Facebook where you can upload videos or photographs.

You have LinkedIn which you can upload text, videos and as well as photographs and of course you got your blog which you can put text photo as well as the video itself so it’s very important in today’s digital marketing world to be able to create content that’s scalable so one of the advantages of using video is that you deliver content that’s not only visual but you also get the audio as well.

And the audio is just as important as the actual moving images because the audio is what the Google A.I. will pay attention to. If you ever uploaded a video to YouTube you’ll you’ll see just how effective their transcription software is. It’s actually gotten way better since 2011.

Second advantage of using video marketing is voice search. Now when it comes to search engine marketing in today’s world 50% of searches are voice searches.

That means that if you’re not producing content that is delivered via voice then you’re missing out on a growing trend when it comes to search engine marketing.

In fact voice search will only continue to grow as a percentage of all searches and if you’re not creating content that delivers… if you’re not creating content that is delivered by voice whether it’s podcasts or video then you’re going to miss out on that trend.

In fact your competitors who are making videos or podcasts are going to surpass you when it comes to being ranked on Google or any search engine out there.

So it’s important to be delivering content via voice and that’s either podcasts or video and I would say video is far more superior because of the scalability factor.

So in summation they’re two advantages of using video marketing is a scalability factor.

The fact that you can get the text, audio, the photographs and the video itself by producing videos and finally by producing videos you’d be you make your business and you make yourself voice search relevant. Protection Status