4 Tips to Capture Aerial Footage of People

Humans are a curious lot. This is why Facebook and Instagram are so popular today. These programs allow us to keep tabs on people we know and celebrities we adore. Perhaps, this is why gadgets like drones and spy pen cameras have grown to be so popular.

In particular, aerial filming the people has become the new cool lately. This particular gadget literally gives users “eyes in the sky.”

It allows for amazing panoramic shots, which allows us to keep tabs on what’s happening below and what people are doing.

Further, it’s become a staple camera for many filmmakers and videographers. In particular, drones have become the new trend in wedding videography.

Aerial filming is used in a lot of adventure sports today to record how each move is made while playing the sport. Weddings have also started using aerial filming to get a glimpse of the whole setting and people having fun. This new technology has changed the face of recording footage of people and not only that aerial filming has also changed the quality of the footage.

Here are some tips to aerial film people using drones:


You must plan how you want your video to look. This way, you will also be able to plan the different angles that you wish to use and what parts of the event do you want to especially cover.

Think about the location and the time of filming very carefully. People who aerial films professionally know what kind of angles will be suitable for which time.

Take a Mock Shoot

This is the best way of figuring out if the footage looks just how you wanted it to look.

Go to the same location where you will be shooting at, at the same time of the event and gather a few people who will help you understand how the angles you have chosen will look with actual people in it.

Make a Checklist

It is a known fact that drones have  a flying time of only 15-25 minutes and that is why it is important to get the perfect shot in that duration.

It would be helpful if you have some spare batteries, propellers and drone motors with you to get the best possible footage.

Close Up

If you wish to take the close up of a particular person at the event, do not try to move the drone towards them. The best way to do this is to start the hovering of the drone and set it at a decent height.

Then ask the person of whom you wish to take a close up to stand at a distance from the device to get the kind of footage you are hoping to get and then in one motion, pull the drone back.

Drones are the new cooler ways of getting the perfect captures and footage of an important event and hopefully, these tricks will help you in achieving the best possible footage!

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