3 Ways To Market During Covid

With self-isolating, social distancing, and remote working becoming the new normal, there has been a shift in the marketing paradigm for brands and marketers who are navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

While many companies are staying idle, waiting for this pandemic to end so they can return to their offline marketing campaigns, there are lots of untapped opportunities to turn video as a general means of customer communication, engagement, and retention during the coronavirus fight.

So in this article, we have listed three (3) ways to market your product or service offerings during the pandemic.

So make sure to read on until the very end to find out how your business can thrive despite these unprecedented times.

Utilize Zoom Recordings To Make Video

Zoom is inarguably one of the top communication tools that combine simple online meetings, group messaging, and video conferencing into an easy-to-use platform.

But if you take a more in-depth look into Zoom, the web conferencing service offers more features than merely enable a virtual face-to-face meeting.

In fact, it also offers hidden features and options, such as share-screen to everyone else on the call, record the call as a video, seamlessly pass control of the meeting to another person, and many more.

Once you have installed the software, you and your co-host can record the entire meeting and that will save directly to the cloud or to your computer.

One of the benefits of local recording through Zoom is the quality of video files that you can further edit using your favorite video editor. After editing the video files you recorded through Zoom, you can now use these to market the product or service offerings of your brand.

At present, Zoom continues to innovate its platform to meet expanding business needs in order to help employees connect, collaborate, and work with agility despite working at home.

Here are other video conferencing apps that would work for your business or organization.

Vlogging With Video

Video is now the ‘new normal enabler’ that bridges the gap between brands and customers when face-to-face interactions are still far from reverting to normal.

As video consumption continues to grow rapidly worldwide in recent months, incorporating vlogging into your marketing toolbox can be very beneficial when trying to overcome these formidable challenges.

The prevailing reason behind this is because vlogging with video strikes a deep connection and elicit strong emotional responses from the audience, which makes them more memorable and encourages viewers to engage.

Furthermore, according to a recent report published by Engine, vlogs have a 41% higher click rate compared to plain text, such as articles or blogs.

Even a 10-second video advertisement enables a brand to tell an extensive story, generate emotional cues, and reach a wider range of audiences than any other form of online content.

In addition, vlogs on online platforms like YouTube gives its audience the ability to like, comment, and share the video across various platforms, which in turn, can help increase your brand reach and market during covid.

Make Video Content On Your Phone

The world may seem to have turned upside down within the past couple of months, but we can still be level-headed and stay competitive with our video marketing strategies.

There are tons of applications for Andriod and Apple products that are great for producing videos and help you put your brand on display.

You can also add and combine multiple layers of images, videos, voice-overs, background music, special effects, and more to convey your intended message for your target audience.

In fact, according to a recent study, low-budget videos that don’t look like ads or promotional videos are now the it-thing in the video marketing industry.

With so much content available for users, make sure to capture their attention in just a few seconds by starting your video with a hook, and choose the optimal length for best results.

It is also advisable to use captions since many users watch videos with the volume down on their phones.

Another option is to make slight alterations to an existing ad to potentially entice prospective customers and help the brand stay true to its values.

By downloading a reliable video marketing app, you can create eye-catching videos for your business even if you don’t have any experience in the video production industry.

For more information on how to leverage video during these times, contact us. All our video productions are Covid complaint.

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