2 Things Your Video Needs As A Service Professional

In this video, I discuss 2 key things you need to cover as a service professional when you’re making a video to market your business.

Video Transcript

There are two basic premises that you have to understand as a service professional and what users are looking for whenever they’re trying to find a professional to help them in a specific problem that they have.

The first thing that users think about whenever they’re searching for service professional is the service professional an expert.

Because if you needed your plumbing you know if something broke like a pipe in your kitchen you don’t want someone who just started as a plumber six months ago.

You want someone that shows that they know what they’re talking about. They’re experts. If you are in the service professional and you had a back issue and you needed surgery certainly you wouldn’t want the person who just graduated from medical school you want to expert in that field to do that surgery for you.

So it’s important to as a first premise an end user will be looking for expertise.

The second thing… second tenet or second premise that users look for from service professionals is the philosophy by which the service professionals operate so this is definitely the case when they’re looking for let’s say anything health-related for example.

Let’s say like a dietician or someone who is looking for a nutrition or health expert so some people are perfectly fine looking for a generalist nutrition so
some nutritionists out there are only about calories in calories out.

You want to lose weight you just have to cut your calories and you lose the fat. But then there are other nutritionists out there who are intermittent fasters and they talk and they say that the best way to have a healthy diet and a healthy body is not only what you put into your body but also how when you eat it so they would focus more and fasting for 16 hours or more and then eating 8 hours a day and that’s it.

So those are the intimate fasters or you have people who are people who say that it’s all about eating just fruit.

Cut everything else. Just eat fruit all day. So there are different niches different philosophies when it comes to dieting and an end user might be okay with a generalist but then there are others who are perhaps vegan or much more full fruitarian so they look more or people for nutritionists that fit into their philosophy.

So you have to create content that will quickly and effectively express the fact that you’re an expert and that you have the right philosophy or the right niche that they’re looking for.

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